Boehner: GOP Does Have A Health Care Bill, But We Might Not Release It

Via PlumLine

The plot thickens: Turns out the GOP does have a health care bill, after all. But we may never get to see it.

Greg Sargent noted this morning that Roy Blunt, the chair of the House GOP Health Care Solutions Group, had seemed to suggest that Republicans would be better off politically if they didn’t release their own bill, though he later clarified this statement. Left unclear was the question of whether any such bill exists.

Now House GOP leader John Boehner has weighed in, and he has confirmed that, yes, there is such a bill — and it’s almost finished, too. As Boehner put it a little while ago: “We’re continuing to put the final touches on our bill as the Democrats are continuing to put the finishing touches on their bill.”

Neither Boehner nor his office, however, will say whether this bill will ever be released. Republicans are waiting to see what Dems do first.

A question lingers: Did Blunt know about this bill before suggesting Republicans might not release anything, or was a bill nearly completed without the knowledge of the House GOP Health Care Solutions Group’s supreme leader?


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