Dems Rip Eric Cantor For Secret Plot To Make Obama Own Economy

Via Plum Line

House Dems are tearing into the GOP leadership over Greg Sargent's post reporting that Republicans had put in place a concerted strategy to make sure that Obama owns the economy. House Dem leadership aide Doug Thornell emails:

This confirms what we thought the entire Republican brain trust has been up to for six months — nothing. When you are suffering embarrassingly low poll numbers, maybe it’s time to come up with some ideas instead of playing `gotcha’ games.

Thornell also argues that today’s Washington Post poll, which contains some bad news for Obama also has plenty of it for Republicans, too. The internals show that Bush still owns the economy, with nearly twice as many blaming Bush (62%) than blame Obama (32%) for the country’s economic situation.

What’s more, the poll also finds that voters trust Obama over the GOP to handle the economy, health care, and the deficit by lopsided margins. Indeed, as Matthew Yglesias notes, some of the numbers might make Congressional Dems more inclined, rather than less, to get behind Obama’s agenda. Of course, that’s presuming those Dems don’t just rely on headlines and the cable nets for their grasp of public opinion.


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