Pervy Flesh-Peddler Bill O'Reilly Plays Erin Andrews Peephole Video On-Air

Via Gawker

Yesterday we noticed that Fox News was hyping a Bill O'Reilly "investigation" into the naked Erin Andrews peephole video incident, prompting us to wonder, "Will the ole smut-merchant show the video on the air?" Well, of course he would, duh!

Now, O'Reilly, and Fox News in general, have a long history with this sort of thing. He'll bloviate righteously about softcore porn on YouTube or underage strippers or how the Make-A-Wish foundation turned down money from a bikini car wash fundraiser or whatever, and all the while he'll have salacious clips running over the audio of he and his guests mouthing off about the gross injustice of whatever it is they're talking about. So you just knew that O'Reilly would take this whole thing straight into the gutter, and he did not disappoint.

While O'Reilly is setting the segment up by giving background on the story to his viewers, footage of the "criminal" video is played. He then turns to his guests, the standard set of painfully Aryan Fox News babes, to begin their discussion, but before he does he says speaks righteously about the video clip he just played on his show:

We're not gonna show you anymore of that ladies and gentlemen...I gotta show you what they think is criminal intent here, but, you know, I'm not gonna show anymore video of it because this is ultra-disturbing and I think it's a very serious crime.

Classic. Just classic Bill O'Reilly slimeballage, wrapped up neatly under the guise of "investigative reporting."

Now, ESPN is taking a hard line against any news organization that shows footage of the video or even publishes still images taken from it. Today they lashed out at the New York Post, effectively issuing a "you're dead to me" order to the paper and banning the Post and it's reporters from all aspects of the ESPN empire after they ran still photos from the video in Tuesday's edition of the paper. It'll be interesting to see if they do the same thing with Fox and/or other Rupert Murdoch media properties after this.


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