Birfer Brigades

Via DougJ

Here’s some footage of birfer types (via) at a Lloyd Doggett townhall, chanting “Just say no” and waving pictures of Doggett with devil’s horns on them:

A few points here:

  • I’m not sure “just say no” is a great slogan for Republicans.
  • The crowd has the same trailer park vibe I got from some of the crazier Palin rallies in the ‘08 election.

I’ll have to see a bit more of this, but at this point, I think the Republican strategy of sending birfer brigades to shout at the devil is a dangerous one. Even in a conservative-friendly media environment, it’s going to be hard for the tea-ruptions to portrayed as anything other than fringe lunacy.

I’ll also say this: I’ve witnessed a lot of anti-Iraq war rallies in the general Rochester area, including a pretty large-scale one specifically protesting a Dick Cheney fundraiser, and none had the feeling of anger and general craziness of what I’ve seen from the birfer townhall footage. There is a difference between right-wing protests and left-wing ones in this country, at this point. (I can’t speak for what it was like in the past or in other parts of the world.)


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