Canadians Set the Record Straight on Health Care

Via Yglesias

In Canada, they have a program called Medicare. It works a lot like our program called Medicare except it’s open to people aged 0-64 as well as to senior citizens. It’s also funded at a somewhat lower level on a per capita basis, so relative to the US there are some shortages of advanced medical equipment. On the other hand, nobody ever goes bankrupt because they got sick, or dies because they’re too poor. Here some Canadians try to set the record straight on Medicare:

Obviously, there are a lot of details and ins-and-outs. But it’s basically pretty easy to keep straight. Canadian Medicare is pretty similar to American Medicare, but our Medicare is for old people and there’s is for everyone. So if you like Medicare, you’d also like Medicare. And if you hate Canadian-style socialism, you ought to favor dismantling Medicare.


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