Did The Last Eight Years Even Happen?

Via Bob Cesca


People lied to take us into war. The media, by and large, believed or ignored those lies. Thousands of US troops have died along with hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. And just about everyone still has their jobs. Except maybe Ashleigh Banfield.

Right. And most of these very serious people are currently engaged in passing daily judgment on the public option and healthcare reform without any deference to the fact that they were phenomenally wrong about Iraq; they entirely misjudged the Bush administration (he was a media hero until Katrina); and they failed to see the economic consequences of deregulation and Reaganomics (how often did CNBC deny an impending disaster was looming?).

What's worse is that the Republican Party, which has heretofor been wrong about everything while also seriously damaging the nation in almost every way, is still being given more time and more latitude on television and in print.

I only wish regular people could be so successful as a consequence of utter failure.


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