Glenn Beck Finally Admits: "I'm Just A Fear Mongering...Whatever."

Via Gawker

Calling Glenn Beck an easy target's calling a spade out by its raw materials. A duck test of his M.O. is so painfully obvious, even he's openly talking about it, now. Contained herein: Psychiatrists, bullies, the afterlife, and his "attackers!"

Consider this particular segment Glenn Beck's victory lap. Beck, who's kicking ass in the ratings, whether he's gearing up to be canned or not, took out his infamous whiteboard, went over all the things everyone's ever called him, and talked to a psychiatrist friend of his about it. Yes, Glenn Beck has a friend, who is a shrink, who can stand to be around him without suggesting inpatient help. Wonder what his hourly rate is. Notably, the names Beck has been called have probably helped his rise to infamy. He's built a career on being an easy target, so why stop here? But when he gets to the last name on his list, there's a sigh of exasperation, a sound of disturbed relief to get the words out.

In 1972, two shrinks named Shelly Duval and Robert A. Wicklund put forth a self-awareness theory in which they argue that people adhere to their own conceptions of themselves. In other words: buckle in. Beck's a guy who clearly sees himself as a martyr. His high ratings paired with his perceived all-ends criticism, recent loss of ad sales, and possible position in front of Fox's firing squad, is about to get a shitton crazier. Howard Beale, look out.


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