Glenn Beck: Man of A Thousand Voices

Honestly, some people let this guy shape their political thinking.
In America.
No, really. I swear.
I've seen them say he makes perfect sense.

Via Gawker

It's best to watch this clip without any context or introduction. Just click, and press play, and prepare to be entertained.

Yes, it's famous stand-up comedian and sit-down demagogue Glenn Beck, of Glenn Beck's Kavalkade of Komedy, Krying, and Kommunism, performing all of his world-famous funny voices. Like a 21st century Jackie Gleason, a generation has grown up on Glenn's beloved characters.

And the gang's all here! Annoying wife speaking gibberish, Snagglepuss, Kermit the Economist Frog, Casey Kasem, sarcastic Hippie guy pretending to cure cancer (??), Rush Limbaugh (??), Hans and Franz (??), yodeling Hawaiian superhero, Fish Yoda (a personal favorite of ours), opera singer in old Warner Brothers cartoon, drunk guy in old movie, Gollum, whiny teenager, Scooby Doo, dolphin caught in plastic, and, of course, angry dude shouting about something.

Please, enjoy.


Matthew Livingston said... / Aug 9, 2009, 1:59:00 AM  

He is like SNL Christopher Lowell meets CarrotTop on meth but with no props.

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