In Your Face, Mr. Cooper... I Found Out Your Secret

Usually, I'm a Whiskey-Coke kinda girl. Specifically, Jim Beam whenever it's available (NOT Jack Daniels and I can smell the difference whenever bartenders or waitresses get it wrong). But while I was in New Orleans, I saw someone order a whiskey-sour. I LOVE them, and for some reason I always forget about them when I'm ordering, and I never think to mix them at home for myself very often. Usually, I think of it when I'm having a party, and I mix them by the pitcher for quick refills.

When I lived in Austin, TX... one of my girlfriend's father used to mix them by the pitcher at holiday dinner gatherings and I picked up that hosting trick from him. His were always awesome, and since he knew I appreciated mixology, he'd always brag about his secret ingredient. I could never get mine to be quite as "foamy" as his. I always thought the secret was just the right amount of powdered sugar.

Anyway, I was going to stop at the store on the way home and pick up any ingredients I don't already have, so... I took some time to look up a few recipes and videos and maybe some new ideas. And I think I may have discovered his secret.

This is basic. Some use granulated sugar, some use powdered, and some use simple syrup instead. What they miss here is the slice of lemon or orange garnish...

But then I saw this Brit, and somehow, don't we always trust them to stick to "tradition" and lineage when it comes to... everything. Of course he uses those crazy metric measurements (that's not the trick) and he also uses Angostura bitters. I have those already and I'll try it, but I doubt that was the secret ingredient either.

Watch closely, this totally makes sense for foamy frothy whiskey sours...


Anonymous said... / Aug 17, 2009, 5:22:00 PM  

Ha! You shoulda just asked me! That's how my Pops made 'em! When I was a kid I got recruited into separating the eggs, on account of he and my Mom were pathetic at it. Go figure! @Blondetwit :)

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