Jon Stewart's Just 'Dancing Down the Liberal Yellow Brick Road'

Via Gawker

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and his staff compiled a pretty amazing takedown of Fox News, branding the network as "the new liberals." Bill O'Reilly was not pleased by this, so tonight he offered a rebuttal.

Saying that Stewart "went off the rails" by "deriding Fox News," O'Reilly took issue with the almost 8-minute Daily Show takedown in which old clips of Fox News personalities criticizing the behavior of liberal political activists were juxtaposed with recent clips of Fox News personalities praising the same sort of behaviors they used to take issue with.

So O'Reilly went on his show tonight and blabbered about how Stewart uses his "license to distort" as a satirist to placate his "liberal audience." He mentioned how a recent Pew Research poll found that 45% of Stewart's audience identifies themselves as liberal, and thus anything done on The Daily Show is not to ever be taken seriously because it's just a bunch of horseshit done to make their pansy-ass viewers chuckle (HAHA!) while they do yoga on the floor in their communal living room inside of a flea-ridden loft space near the campus of Berkeley in a pathetic attempt to escape the miserable existence of their Godless lives.

Additionally, O'Reilly did play two clips from the offending Daily Show segment that appear to have been taken mildly out of context, but that doesn't really matter anyway because we all already know that Fox News is the conservative network, the network of Jesus, and there's no way they'd ever shoot anybody a load of bullshit. So just disregard Jon Stewart as he's just a funny liberal put on earth for our amusement and is to be taken no more seriously than a masturbating monkey or something, okay?


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