Keith Olbermann: Bill O'Reilly Should Be Fired

Via Danny Shea

Keith Olbermann named Bill O'Reilly his Worst Person in the World Wednesday night, continuing to shatter any supposed truce between the rival cable news hosts.

Olbermann slammed O'Reilly for his unconfirmed report that MSNBC parent company GE may have been involved in selling roadside bombs.

"So you've got an unconfirmed report of an unconfirmed investigation, and you've got an unconfirmed report that GE is under suspicion in your unconfirmed report of your unconfirmed investigation," Olbermann said. "Do you have any facts at all?"

A GE spokesperson has called O'Reilly's report "maliciously false."

"You can talk all you want about feuds and cease fires and childishness," Olbermann said, "but if I or any actual reporter like me had gotten as much wrong in any story as Bill O'Reilly got wrong in this one, I'd be fired in 15 minutes — as he should be now."



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