Last Night's Debauchery and Other Tales from the Big Easy

Started here yesterday. Hilton Hotel Bar.
Cause I was tired of walking after about 1/2 mile and because, duh... it's a bar.

Dixieland street jazz, Baby!! With Creole flava!

Dinner at Emeril's "NOLA" was fab. They had a Greek featured special.
But I went for the Hickory-Roasted Duck

I would totally rock in that kitchen...
if it weren't for the fact that one day my job could be under the sea.

Nawlin's Institution: Pat O'Brien's. Had to stop here for a fill-up.

I wanted to order one of those,
but the waitress said it's a fountain and not a beverage... it's just for show.

Balcony bumpin wit da boys... who were eagerly waiting to see if I'm gonna solicit beads or not.

But some traditions have changed since I was here last...

I didn't see diaper boy David Vitter yet. But you guys tell me... is this "man on beast" Rick Santorum? He sure was havin a good time with his sheep doll.

I had to go in here and check out the bargains...
but there was no really good deals on any zombies so I didn't get one.

Then, I thought maybe I had enough to drink when I saw Ronald McDonald
walking around with a Happy Meal that was also walkin around.

Pee Wee posed for some pics and the girls may have gotten him a lil excited
cause he had to stop and straighten out his hog leg.

One of these girls was straight when this picture was taken...
and today... she's not. : )
Also, I'm the proud new owner of a spikey choker.

That nun was such a slut. And she needed a shave.

For drinkers... this place is almost as accommodating as Las Vegas.

This is the only place I exposed my boy chest.
From their exhuberent reaction... you can see I was an enormous hit.

Breakfast this morning... the very famous Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

Jenci, I would have asked you to come with me honey, but this morning some other customer called them "powdered sugar donut thinghies" like you did, and they shot him dead on the spot.
So, in hindsight, maybe it's better you didn't come with me.

Ok, I'm gonna take a nap and later on I'll do a post and tell y'all about the stuck-up vampire I met this morning.


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