Meghan McCain Now Threatening To Run Away With Trashy Sturgis Bikers, and She Definitely Should Do This!

Via Wonkette

Ah, Sturgis … it’s like the “Gathering of the Juggalos” for middle-aged people who saved up enough for a Gold Wing! And the $100-million McCain family just adores acting like they love this dumb populist cretin crap, because, after all, the McCains have those riches only because Cindy’s dad actually worked for a living, selling Budweiser to guys with choppers, in Arizona. It’s circular!

You’ll recall that last year, during the presidential campaign, John McCain offered up Cindy to the drunken, leering crowd of filthy bikers. And Cindy just, well, she just looked uncomfortable as all hell, because, really, should a real-life heiress be thrown to the dogs like that, by her supposed husband? To this day, Cindy still doesn’t really think anything is funny.

Anyway …. Our favorite “oh dear god is she still around?” twitterer, First Daughter, First GangBang by Bikers at Sturgis romance novelist Meg “McCain” McCabe, has apparently left her elderly parents’ estate in Sedona and is now offering herself up to the dirtiest of the dirty Sturgis dudes. She is hoping to become some special person’s “Old Lady,” and by “run away with you” she might mean anything, such as “run after you crying hysterically while you noisily ride away on your motorized cycle,” or “weep in the woods, surrounded by Bud cans and cigarette butts and Taco Bell wrappers, in the night.”


Anonymous said... / Aug 6, 2009, 10:50:00 PM  

It's one thing to insult Meghan McCain, but insulting the bikers at Sturgis en masse is just plain lame. Leave them out of it. If Wonkette wants a "filthy" biker, she should just go to Sturgis herself. Surely she'll find herself
amongst her people when she finds the right bar to hang in.

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