Obama’s Political Operation Directly Confronting Teabagger “Mobs”

Via Plum Line

So yesterday Greg Sargent asked whether President Obama’s formidable political operation, Organizing for America, was going to get outworked on the ground by the Tea Party activists and others who are crashing town hall rallies around the country.

Maybe Greg spoke too soon: OFA is now directly taking on the Tea Party brigade, calling on supporters to respond with an even greater show of force and support.

With Joe Biden set to tout the stimulus in Michigan today, OFA blasted an email to its Michigan list last night calling on supporters to turn out en masse:

Tomorrow, Vice President Joe Biden is coming to speak in Detroit. I’d like to extend a special invitation to Michiganders to join us in showing our support for the President and Vice President.

This event comes at a crucial time. Special interests trying to sink health insurance reform. Organized mobs across the country are intimidating lawmakers, disrupting events, and silencing discussions about the change our country needs. The challenges our country faces are simply too great to let these debates be overrun by those angrily shouting down change…

Join us tomorrow and show that you’re standing up for the President and Vice President as they fight for the change this country needs.

Meanwhile, the DNC, which houses OFA, is out with a very tough new Web vid directly taking on the “mob” and linking it to “desperate” and obstructionist GOP leaders:

The question now is whether Dem can get the GOP to “own” these mobs, as a top operative put it to me. This would be a twofer: It would define the GOP as desperate, angry and irrationally obstructionist, but it would also define whatever public opposition there is to Obama’s agenda as merely an illusion manufactured by the GOP and special interests.


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