Crazy Ass Randall Terry Thrown Out of Jim Moran/Howard Dean Event

Via Jane Hamsher

Last night Jim Moran managed to draw the rolling freak show down on himself in Reston with a town hall targeted by out-of-district teabaggers. Reston has a voting population that is about 75-80% Democratic, so as Moran noted when Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, started agitating from the crowd, these weren't people who lived there.

Moran finally had to have Terry thrown out. Terry was stirring up the highly emotional and not quite bright teabagger set by ranting that abortion would be covered in this health care bill (thank you Kendrick Meek and Marcy Kaptur, it won't). I live tweeted the event while Ben Tribbett of NotLarrySabato got Terry being ejected on video, which was satisfying for all.

At one point, I heard that a guy in an Obama t-shirt had been punched in the face by a guy in a Cato t-shirt. We had a meetup afterwards at Clyde's for anyone who wanted to attend, and the guy in the Obama shirt turned out to be my friend Jeremy Koulish. He'd been punched in the eye after the guy in the Cato garb tried to rip a sign out of Jeremy's hands and Jeremy wouldn't let go.

You have to go to one of these events to realize how truly antagonistic and pig ignorant the death panel freaks are. While there are plenty of good reasons to object to the health care bills that both the House and the Senate are likely to pass, they don't appear to know any. Moran eventually took questions from the audience, and three--count 'em, three--people came up and asked if the insurance was going to be so good, why wouldn't he pledge to take it himself. Each time Moran said that he would. They appeared to all be hard of hearing, however, because they kept accusing him of not answering the question and asking it again, as if the word "yes" didn't have any meaning on their planet.

At one point someone did ask him about the clause in the PhRMA deal that wouldn't allow the government to negotiate for drug prices. Moran blamed it on the White House and said he wouldn't have cut that deal himself (nice shot at Rahm). He turned to Howard Dean and asked him if he'd like to add anything, but Howard wasn't going near that one.

And then we went to Clyde's and had pie.

Note: Same Randall Terry that was arrested at Notre Dame Law School back in May for violating a campus no-trespass order Notre Dame had issued him.


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