Vampire Girl Soooo Wanted Me.... Bad!

Ok, so... after breakfast I went for a walk around St Louis Cathedral and Jackson Sq looking for vampires that are out way past their bedtime and BAM, right off the bat, a really hot one with great style, an awesome Victorian dress, and an even more killer leather bodice.

So, I took a picture of her and she posed and all. Then I asked if she'd gimme that slightly devious "come hither" smile and show a lil fang.

Vampire girl totally stuck her vampire nose in the air and walked away, didn't say a word.

And I'm like "What, was I supposed to tip you? Vampires have no need for money, right?"

So, I'm walking after her cause I really wanna see the fab teeth and I know she's got 'em, cause well... look at that overbite. I'm looking around for an upside down hat on the ground somewhere that I must have missed, and digging in my purse for a couple bucks. And just then she darts to the right and does a fakie and then darts back to the left, and I realize she's totally trying to get away from me. So, I smelled my armpits and check to see if I smell like last night's garlic and I can't smell anything and I checked to see if I had on my little crucifix pendant... I didn't. And I'm wondering what the hell I did to offend vampire girl.

So, I'm like... "Do you wanna bite me, are you thirsty, can I get you a drink, my jugular is so hot blooded and throbbing, and I totally want eternal life now while I still look ok, ya know?"

But vampire girl was having none of it. She kept walk-trotting as fast as her little boot heels would allow and she got away. But then the church bells started chiming 9am so, I factored that in... and thought up a good reason justifying why she probably had to be elsewhere and it probably wasn't me that somehow offended her vampire sensitivities. Or maybe my blood was to life-giving and rich... to resist a total bad scene if she "did me" in public with so many people around, or something.

Anyway, I'm still gonna cut my partying a lil short tonight maybe,and go to bed before 2am in hopes that vampire girl will come through my open window while I'm all alone, helpless and vulnerable... and turn me into an undead creature of the night.

I dunno... maybe.

Ya think?


bethany said... / Aug 17, 2009, 12:11:00 AM  

I totally want to hang with you one day... ;o)

Codester said... / Aug 17, 2009, 2:37:00 PM  

Whew!! Really?

Whatever city that turns out to be... somebody should give them advanced warning.


Ingela said... / Jan 11, 2010, 9:00:00 PM  

Maybe she just wanted to get away from you because you were annoying and full of pathetic prejudice about victorian goths.
You just assumed that she had fangs because she has a beautiful black dress on. OF COURSE she wanted to get away from you! She was very offended and I understand her!

You are pathetic. It's like me thinking you are as dumb and slutty as Paris Hilton because you're blond.

For fuck sake, grow up!

Codester said... / Jan 12, 2010, 4:06:00 AM  

That was the point of writing it the way I did... Moron. Being the "annoying tourist".

Sounds like you're just a tad defensive of the goth lifestyle that I also admire. Maybe you should try to see a little intentional humor instead of taking yourself... and this blog piece... so damn seriously.

Christ Almighty... I really like goths... but the only typical downside is the ultra-fucking-pretentious ones.

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