What Has This Obama fellow Done For Us Anyway?

Via jonnie rae

He stabilized the markets, so 401Ks are starting to slowly come back and we are not about to meltdown anymore. Unemployment numbers are coming down dramatically from when he took over.

GDP went from 6.5 shrinkage to 1 shrinkage since he has been in office.

Tens of thousands of state employees still have jobs, and services are maintained because of his stimulus.

He ended torture. He IS closing Gitmo.

95% of Americans are receiving a tax DECREASE.

He provided unemployment, food stamps and a 65% reduction in Cobra for those who lost their jobs.

He set new emissions standards.

He protected wilderness land set for oil leases.

He got Pakistan to agree to fight the Taliban, which Bush never could. The top leader was taken out this week.

He nominated and got confirmed the first latina Supreme Court Justice in history.

He signed Equal Pay for Equal Work, Children's Health Bill and Credit Card Reform.

He has a first time home owner's credit, a modification of mortgage plan in place. (This needs work, but it is in place)

He has made it easier for students to get college loans. (UMass just gave a 1500 rebate to all students because of the stimulus money.)

He has improved America's image around the world, especially with Muslim countries.

He got the 2 NK journalists out.

He got the non-proliferation treaties going again, and he will chair the next meeting. Already an agreement exists to reduce Russia's and US's arms.

A significant amount of the bailout money is being paid back. This is a good thing.

He has taken on healthcare, the most difficult thing to pass in the US. I am not completely happy with how he is doing it, but he is doing it.*

He ended the abstinence only thing. And the law that said a pharmacist could refuse to give birth control pills to women if they so chose.

He is sticking to the timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq.

He got funding for the useless bomber cut. And those helicopters. He plans to make more weapons' cuts.

He has cut 2 trillion from the budget over the next ten years.

He has taken on energy, the second most difficult thing to pass in the US and it has already passed the House.

He saved the American auto industry. (Cash for clunkers is doing great too, both for the industry and jobs, and for the environment.)

He is building a green economy for the US. First steps in the stimulus, others in the energy bill.

More jobs will be created in transportation when rest of stimulus kicks in in 2010.

He is facing complete disrespect and vilification from the media and the wingnuts, getting more than 30 death threats per day, and still goes on, calmly and with determination and intelligence.

He has no champions in the Senate, only a small group of obstructionists who seem to have been given all the power by Harry Reid. The insurance industry has convinced people that he is Hitler; and this is only the beginning. If Pharma gets into it, what do you think will happen to healthcare? They have way more money than the insurance companies. You want him to fight all the corporate interests which actually OWN this country, including the Senate and Congress, and you want him to do that virtually alone? The left has attacked him almost from day one. The right is throwing the kitchen sink right now.

I think you have to decide whether he has done enough good in his first seven months to still support him.

I think, overwhelmingly, yes.


Anonymous said... / Aug 28, 2009, 5:12:00 PM  

I have some additions to this on my twitwall if you're interested. Love this Johnnie Rae! Wonder if he knows how popular he is!! =D

PBCrook said... / Aug 28, 2009, 10:28:00 PM  

Thanks for posting this, Cody. Had any other President accomplished this much in his first 7 months, we'd hear nothing but praise. Instead, all we can hear is the sound of wingnuts screaming.

Anonymous said... / Aug 30, 2009, 7:40:00 AM  

Obama's obviously doing great so why would i risk being seen as counterproductive and attempt to dissent? i suppose i have to, because the heart of the matters lives on regardless of who holds office.

if human rights is the reason any of this is worth anything at all then that essentially means economy (the human network) and war (human destruction) would top the list of priorities. unfortunately it seems politics is too often more about weighing the pros and cons instead of the rights and wrongs.

good luck with that recovering economy and winning those wars. the only thing ya still need is a whole lot more of something you don't have enough of. what's funny is that i know exactly how it is dude.

Melissa said... / Sep 3, 2009, 12:04:00 AM  

Thanks Cody. I did need to read this piece tonight because I was loosing my faith. Im going to hold onto the idea that he will come through.

lelawill said... / Sep 4, 2009, 7:18:00 PM  

I wish the media in this country would focus more on the positive than the negative. Why are the wingnuts getting the publicity? I can see Fox but why are these other networks doing it without the repudiation they should be putting first. It is so easy to put out a lie; so hard to correct that lie.

Media should be a lot more willing to debunk rather that work for ratings. News programs should not run on ratings but on truth. (I know that sounds Pollyannish.)

Anonymous said... / Sep 4, 2009, 7:27:00 PM  

Half of your post is hyperbole the other half is fabrication and spin.

Anonymous said... / Sep 4, 2009, 7:35:00 PM  

Where do you get your unemployment numbers from? Just today new numbers were released and the unemployment rate went up! NOT down drastically.

He didn't stabilize the markets or anything, he injected a tax-payer placebo with the hopes that the economy turns around.

The "stimulus" he and the Democrats passed is a joke and an insult to hardworking Americans. It was a hand out of tax-payer dollars to his cronies who got him elected.

I'll give you he ended torture, he won't be able to close Gitmo though... just watch and see.

The tax cut? Oh you mean the extra $7 he gave me in my paycheck? Which wasn't the governments in the first place??

He's forcing through partisan health care reform that threatens to damage our already weak economy.

He's trying to force through Cap & Trade which is really just a new way to tax the middle class to help out the poor, while the rich and powerful go on with their daily lives... including himself and his Democrat and Republican cronies in Washington...

He's nominated more czars than any other president since the whole czar thing started... which is pretty much unconstitutional. Reagen started the whole damn thing and it should have been stopped then. Now we've got crazies advising the president... but then again we knew what he was when America decided to elect this elitist liberal radical.

Go ahead and blame the right wing nuts, they definitely screwed up the country, but they didn't do it alone. Take a long hard look in the mirror liberals because you helped.

Codester said... / Sep 5, 2009, 11:28:00 AM  

Didn't stabalize the markets? Do you happen to remember when the DOW was sub-7000?? Where is it now?

Stim package was a joke? Bobby Jindal sure seems to have a big fuckin smile on his face as he hands out Publishers Clearing House sized checks, with his big fuckin signature on them.

Watch and see on Gitmo? I love conservatives stating their crystal ball predictions as if they're fact. As yet, I don't see anything standing in the way of closing Gitmo down, even if it isn't by January.

Partisan hcr bill? It has 160 amendments that Republicans asked for, and still not one damn Republican vote.

The tax cut wasn't deep, but it was broad... and at $282 billion, the largest tax cut package in history.

Actually Czars started with Nixon, not Reagan. "Pretty much unconstitutional"?? Either it is or it isn't.

How did the liberals help get us where we are now?

Liberals were never this crazy during the Bush years. And, in fact, we were always right.

1) Liberals were right about Bush being incompetent.
2) Liberals were right about WMD.
3) Liberals were right about torture authorizations.
4) Liberals were right about Dick Cheney's executive power grab.
5) Liberals were right about the economy.
And on and on...

The wingnuts are claiming that President Obama was born in Kenya, they're claiming that his presidency is a communist plot, they're claiming that he wants to kill old and disabled people including Downs babies, and they're claiming that a 30 percent increase in the Dow means there's an "Obama Depression." None of this is right, nor will it ever be.

Anonymous said... / Sep 6, 2009, 1:01:00 AM  

Liberals are funny... and so in love with their own "intelligence" and "correctness" - has to make one smile...

Debra said... / Sep 21, 2009, 1:09:00 PM  

Do you ever notice that when a reply is posted with opposition to an article, especially when they are so very wrong in their opposition, they always post as Anonymous?
President Obama had and still has mountains of damage created by the GOP to repair. But he has taken great strides and has 'saved' our country from complete and total demise.
The GOP really stands for Greed Over People, and has no 'statesmen' left who will do what is best for the people. Their greed has been so extensive and so rabid that the majority of the people who referred to themselves as moderate Republicans have considered, or already left the GOP.
I am always amazed at how they are so arrogant about their ignorance. And when they comment on how liberals are 'so in love with their (our) intelligence, they let us know that they have no respect for intelligence, and probably are of a very low I.Q., or they wouldn't suggest that intelligence is a bad thing.
Republicans attack education because the more people who are well educated, the more people will see through the Republican lies, fear mongering and hate, that they use as tools to attempt to stop the progress our people deserve.

Jason the Absurdist said... / Oct 8, 2009, 12:37:00 AM  

On an international front let's add:

- The USA is seen in a far better light than it was under Bush. A recent worldwide poll showed that Obama is the most popular world leader and the USA is the most respected country. We were #7 last year: http://is.gd/43ZGE

- He called out (one of?) Iran's secret nuclear research facilities *before* it went on-line and brought them to the negotiation table where they agreed to inspections and to hand over their raw nuclear material to Russia and France for processing. They may not hold their end of the bargain (I'm not holding my breath) but at least they're talking.

- China and Russia are on *our* side with Iran's nuclear inspections.

- He scrapped the pie-in-the-sky missile shield that had no hope of working and which Poland and the Czech Republic didn't want. Instead he is posting Navy ships in the area with medium-range anti-missile systems that *do* work. Meanwhile research can continue on a long-range system for future deployment.

The only way to be more productive in 9 months is to have a baby.

Jason the Absurdist said... / Oct 8, 2009, 12:40:00 AM  

By the way, all of you claiming that Cody's highlights are nonsense (or worse) why are you hiding behind anonymity?

More to the point let's see you back it up. Disagree with her assertions? Prove it.

If you can't then your argument holds no water and you know it.

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