TeaBagger Issues and Glenn Beck's "9-12 Project" Concerns

Anybody see the following major mainstream modern American concerns?
"Gun Rights"...? "Freedom of Speech"...? "Czars"...? "Constitutional Violations"...?
"Birth Certificates"...? "Internment Labor Camps"...? "Death Panels"...?
How about Socialism? Fascism?
Communism isn't there either?

WTF? Not even "ACORN"?

Via Gallup

Domestic Issues Dominate

The current "most important problem" data clearly indicate that Americans' attention is focused on domestic rather than international issues. Eight percent mention the war in Iraq -- which had been the top-rated issue for about four years, from 2004 to early 2008. Now, five domestic issues are more frequently mentioned. In addition to Iraq, 2% mention national security, and 1% each say terrorism, the military and national defense, the situation in the Middle East, and foreign aid.


Party Differences

The economy in general and healthcare are the top two issues among all party groups, with healthcare eclipsing the economy among Democrats, while the reverse is true among Republicans and independents.

There is greater variation by party on the next tier of issues, with unemployment a greater concern for Democrats, and the federal budget deficit and dissatisfaction with government greater concerns for Republicans and independents.


Guess what else is not really good news for Republicans in 2010/12

Economic Concern Fading

In recent months, Gallup has documented an uptick in consumer confidence. Coincident with that, Gallup finds a decline in the proportion of Americans mentioning "the economy" in general as the most important problem. In February, 57% of Americans did so, and the percentage has declined at least slightly each month since.

Also in February, 86% of Americans mentioned any economic issue -- including the economy in general, but also unemployment, the deficit, and inflation -- in response to this open-ended question. That combined percentage has also declined, and in September, just over half (57%) of Americans mention any economic issue.



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