Glenn Beck: "You Shouldn't Accuse People of Racism"

Via Tana Ganeva

On his radio show today Glenn Beck expressed concern about the declining quality of our public discourse. Apparently, the national dialogue is being polluted by people who say things without basing their assertions on solid evidence. Really? Like who? According to Beck, the main culprits are those who point to race as a motivating factor in some of the crazy attacks (you lie!) against Obama.

Said Beck, without any shred of irony that I could suss out,

"I would say that the false cries of racism on Joe Wilson ... when there's absolutely nothing to back it up... Just back it up! Just back it up! You wanna say "Hey, I think this guy's a racist ... let's listen to the explanation. What is your evidence that this guy's a racist....what is your evidence."

Beck then launches into a tutorial of sorts about how to have a reasoned debate about hot-button issues like race, arguing that one party should present their evidence for review by those who may disagree, and the other party should respond in kind, leading to a rational conclusion about the issue at hand. Crying "racism" without backing it up, asserts Beck wisely, is tantamount screaming "Fire!", because "racism is dangerous." Beck twists the fire metaphor in ways I can't really follow, until he reaches this conclusion: "Why do they keep screaming Fire? [Fire is "race", but who's "they? Hmm."]

And there you go. I hope you learned something from Glenn Beck about how to engage is fruitful, reasoned debate. And about race in America.



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