How Can School Children Help President GW Bush?

Via Cesca

What else do you call this? From August, 2004:

Several Democrats who wanted to hear Vice President Dick Cheney speak in New Mexico on July 31st were required to recite an unusual pledge of allegiance. Before allowing them to attend Cheney's speech at Rio Rancho Mid-High School, the Bush campaign demanded they sign an endorsement form saying they support the president. A campaign spokesman said the pledge was intended to weed out Democrats who might disrupt the event -- but the "loyalty oath" infuriated many voters. "I resent the school that my taxes paid for being used for an event that's restricted to people who sign a pledge to the Republican Party," said Jim Brown, a longtime resident of Rio Rancho.

Then again a black president urging kids to stay in school is much, much worse.


Larro said... / Sep 8, 2009, 5:51:00 PM  

"Then again a black president urging kids to stay in school is much, much worse."

No kidding. Fundie Right-wingers need to get a grip. My countrymen embarrass me.

brucestrav said... / Sep 8, 2009, 5:59:00 PM  

Bush should have done what Obama and Clinton did - just bus in the entire 'audience' from the SEIU or local Democrat or Union offices. No need to test those folks since they are being paid to be there and they will read the questions you hand them on those little index cards (kinda like that 13 yr old girl did in NH even though she was bused in from Massachusetts - she forgot to claim she was a local).

Bush was just too amateurish as these propaganda events. Obama is much better and politicans in years to come should learn from his ability to somehow never face a question he didn't arrange in advance (even from the media - but that is like the Varsity level of propaganda).

Viva Obama!!!!

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