"Some of the Louder Talkers"

Via Morning Joe

Former Bush advisor David Frum discusses building a new conservative majority that adapts to new circumstances. {02:16 to 06:40}

(02:28) I think Republicans and Conservatives have to make up their minds. Do you want to be a political movement or do you want to be a movement of cultural opposition.

A lot of what you hear on radio and TV... people are just dissenting from the modern world. The modern world is a fact, you have to accept it. Views, especially on issues of family and sexuality, have changed.... views on race, have changed and conservatives need to work with that as conservatives have so successfully done in other counties [..] because (they) have been able to make those kinds of adjustments.

(04:05) One of the things we know is that people become less Republican as they get better educated. If the experience of gaining an education (which, of course, is a good thing) causes people to move away from the Republican party... you need to learn to adapt to that.

(05:30) Just do it different... If more Republican candidates were out there being unafraid and unintimidated by some of the louder talkers, daring to break with them when they say crazy things, and be constructive, [..] then I think you can begin to demonstrate that there is a different kind of conservatism and it can be done. It can be done... because you're doing it.


Adderall Apocalypse said... / Oct 3, 2009, 4:32:00 PM  

hm? Conservative? Adapt? Is that some kind of joke? lolz...

mr said... / Oct 3, 2009, 9:51:00 PM  

Message from MrPayback:
In my opinion, this clip is misleading at best and is not credible in any respect.
The world is changing,true, but for the worse. But it doesn't mean conservatives have to compromise their values. Going more to the left would be contrary to common sense and frankly will not happen regardless of this nonsense being spewed on this vidio clip with the biased anchor and Huffington's noncredible far left input.The current administration's failed policies,guffaws and far left socialist leanings will help to solidify conservative values and rightward ideology even more-so.
It does not necessarily mean that the Republican Party and conservatives will always act in unison.
What most of the Koolade drinking left has missed here, is that there is indeed a rapidly developing, unified, strong and growing participation of teaparty "constitutional rights" citizens that are frankly fed up with this ugly false prophet goverment direction of appeasement to our enemies and destruction of our moral rights and freedoms. The future of America is at stake and I am proud to be a part of doing what I can to protect our country and our individual god given rights.
Thank you for allowing me to post this message.

Codester said... / Oct 3, 2009, 10:21:00 PM  

mr said... "...Going more to the left would be contrary to common sense and frankly will not happen regardless of this nonsense being spewed on this vidio clip with the biased anchor and Huffington's noncredible far left input..."

This show is anything but liberal. Morning Joe is a conservatism perspective. I guess you're not a regular viewer.

What was being addressed was {02:16 to 06:40} so Arianna Huffington's question and Frum's response to it... was excluded from this blog topic.

It was never once suggested that conservatives "move to the left"... I think any conversation about conservatives being pragmatic and constructive gets them digging in their heels and and they immediately jump to the conclusion that they're being asked to betray their principles. That wasn't even remotely suggested here.

As far as the "rapidly developing, unified, strong teaparty citizens"... I understand why you're proud of what you've accomplished, but I really don't think you're being realistic in your belief that it represents a broad cross section of American sentiment.

I'm going to let your comment stand, but in the future, if you comment on my posts again, please do not use my comments section to add links and promote your own sites. That's a rude habit that is looked down upon in other blogging circles besides mine. Just bad form, are we clear?

Codester said... / Oct 4, 2009, 6:44:00 AM  

mr said... "...Whether repubs get their act together or not..."

Not just Repubs. Frum spoke of Conservatives in general, but go ahead... continue.

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