Poll: Obama Didn't Lie! Joe Wilson Did! So Say The People!


A new CNN poll finds that Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) "You lie!" outburst remains a minority viewpoint among Americans -- though it is a significant minority.

The poll finds that 32% said that Obama lied while he was speaking to Congress, compared to 60% who don't think so. In addition, only 15% say that it was appropriate behavior for Wilson to shout out that Obama was lying, compared to 85% who say it was inappropriate.

Interestingly enough, an earlier question asks: "If Obama's plan became law, do you think that the federal government would or would not provide insurance to illegal immigrants?" This is the substance of the very matter that caused Wilson to shout out. Here it's much more divided, with 47% thinking it will happen and 49% saying it won't.

A possible explanation for this could be that some people might believe Obama when he says his plan doesn't intend to help illegals, but nevertheless they just don't trust the government to get it right over the long haul.

Also, the poll shows that a substantial minority subscribe to some manner of Deatherism: " If Obama's plan became law, do you think senior citizens or seriously-ill patients would die because government panels would prevent them from getting the medical treatment they needed?" Here we have 41% saying that this would happen, to 57% saying it wouldn't.

Also, people widely expect a full government takeover of health care happening somewhere down the line: "If Obama's plan became law, do you think the federal government would or would not eventually take over all aspects of the country's health care system?" Here we have 55% that it would happen, to 42% that it would not happen.


cris said... / Sep 15, 2009, 7:33:00 PM  

Yes a CNN poll! hahaha Who on earth would be ignorant to believe any CNN fixed statistical poll? Undoubtedly the majority of sample set came from registered Democrats, for it does not sync with professional statistics. The issue is clear-all relative facts do not support the prudence of Gov't healthcare. Obama and his control freak radical leftist have nothing! Now they are desperate and have resorted to the 1st chapter of their play book-call anyone who opposes ObamaCare a racist. The identical argument they always use, when they are asked to discuss and support the details of their ulterior motive driven idiocy. NOTE: Have you ever heard any of the Democrat supporters of the Gov't Option ever say that your coverage will actually improve? OF COURSE NOT! The furthest they go is to say that it will not get worse even though it will immediately put us in debt another $2 trillion dollars. If the media didn't have its head so far up Obama's ass, the argument would have been over 2 months ago, when the Democrat Majority voting 100% to opt themselves out of the Government Plan, in favor of the plan they have now: Private insurance coverage for life for both themselves and all of their family members-paid for by us, the tax payer. Therefore, regardless if all private insurance goes out of business immediately once the Government gets involved (has been the case 100% of the time, without exception, in ever Country with Gov't Option)and the premiums for their coverage increases to $10,000 a month it doesn't matter b/c they don't pay for it anyway-WE DO! Ask yourself? What kind of idiot would accept something for themselves which wasn't good enough for the people who wrote it?

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