"... some university... who cares which one..."


Glenn Beck appeared this morning on Fox & Friends, where he insisted that the the Tea Party march on Washington attracted 1.7 million people. This is more than twice what even the organizers of the event say it was, with the FreedomWorks estimate yesterday being between 600,000 and 800,000.

"Stat God" Nate Silver (as per usual) has more realistic figures.

Beck cited a university study of the crowd -- though he's not sure which university: "We had a university, I think it's University of -- I don't remember which university it is -- um, look at the pictures. And you know, they can do body space and calculate -- 1.7 million, that crowd was estimated."

Gretchen Carlson noted that they'd only been saying tens of thousands, which Beck brushed off as the official report. "If you look at the pictures, university looked at it, did the body count, et cetera et cetera, 1.7 million."


kwsmith said... / Sep 15, 2009, 2:37:00 PM  

damn,who knew beck could count that high. i guess a ged is good for something after all.now,if only his professionalism matched his counting skills,there might be hope for him.nah,too late.it's a lost cause

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