Special Comment: Joe "Wrong Way" Wilson

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Joe "Wrong Way" Wilson

Keith Olbermann calls out Rep Joe Wilson not for his shameful incivility in interrupting President Obama's health care reform speech before Congress, but for being glaringly stupidly publicly... wrong.

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Looking into the background of Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, after his heckling of President Obama last night, I came across this:

Joe also has been a member of the Columbia World Affairs Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sinclair Lodge 154, Jamil Temple, Woodmen of the World, Sons of Confederate Veterans

This is an organization that, as the SPLC has detailed assiduously, has been taken over in the past decade by radical neo-Confederates who favor secession and defend slavery as a benign institution. Leading the takeover is a radical racist named Kirk Lyons, who's been an important legal figure on the far right for some years.

In more recent years, the takeover has led to an outright internal civil war. Andrew Meacham at the St. Petersburg Times detailed the internal rift last year:

Experts say the divisions within the Sons vary between two extremes. On one side are the traditionalists, members who focus on cleaning up Confederate grave sites and conducting Civil War re-enactments.

On the other side are the so-called Lunatics, up to 2,000 members who deride traditionalists as "grannies'' and belong to camps named after notorious Southern figures such as John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James.

John Wilkes Booth members have been known to put pennies in urinals, making sure to leave the Lincoln side face-up. Other Lunatic groups have removed the U.S. flag from their halls and banned the Pledge of Allegiance, says Walter Hilderman, who several years ago created an anti-Lunatic group called Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

"The problem is it's supposed to be a patriotic organization," says Hilderman, 59. "You are either that or you let guys in who want to secede."

As Heidi Beirich at the SPLC reported, this rift has led to Lyons himself coming under harsh attack from his own right flank. The SCV is a serious mess.

Now, add this to the fact that Joe Wilson, as a state legislator, was one of only seven Republicans to go against their own party and vote to keep the Dixie Rebel flag flying over the South Carolina capitol:

The flag came down that year after Republicans in both houses went for a compromise that would put it on Statehouse grounds at the Confederate Soldier’s monument. The “Magnificent Seven” of Senators who voted to keep the flag up included current Congressman Joe Wilson (who I served with in the 218th Infantry Brigade of the National Guard.)

A clearer picture of why this congressman might so virulently breach protocol and loudly interrupt an African-American president's speech to Congress by calling him a liar does start to emerge, doesn't it?


[Members of the James Younger Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in 2006.]

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In 2003, Wilson called it “unseemly” for the mixed-race daughter of Sen. Strom Thurmond, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, to identify the longtime South Carolina senator as her father after his death.

“It’s a smear on the image that (Thurmond) has as a person of high integrity who has been so loyal to the people of South Carolina,” he told The State newspaper of Columbia. Wilson had worked as an intern in Thurmond’s office. After a public outcry, he said he had the utmost respect for Washington-Williams.


Mark DeMazza (FreedomFreedom) said... / Sep 15, 2009, 6:56:00 PM  

The fringe right wing will undoubtedly find an excuse for this organization. However, that should not prevent the rest of the Republican Party from investigating Rep. Wilson. Anyone who belongs to a group that urinates on the image of any president, let alone the greatest President America has ever had, should be investigated. This act alone speaks volumes as to how and why he could shout out "You Lie" at the first African-American president of the United States. If Republican members of Congress can call for an investigation into ACORN then we, the majority party in America, needs to call for an investigation into the SCV. Democrats in Congress must insist that the SCV be exposed for what it is; an anti-American organization that no member of Congress should ever belong to. FNC, Glenn Beck, and the rest of the Republican Party Media Department at FOX, are in the process of convicting ACORN of corruption without any charges being filed or a trial being held. It is time for Democrats to stop being the meek and mild party of conciliation and start being the strong and intelligent party of America's citizens. Right wing hate groups, like SCV, profess their patriotism while they work to undermine the US Constitution and to overthrow the system of government that has made America the greatest nation on earth. How can America allow people like Glenn Beck, and corporations like Fox, to orchestrate the removal of Van Jones, convict ACORN without a trial and call President Obama a racist without standing up and saying, "ENOUGH". It is time for Americans to take America back from the right wing extremists who wrap themselves in the cloak of the American flag while they rail against everything real Americans, the majority of Americans, know is good and just about this country. It is time for Americans to stand up to these right wing nut jobs and stop being so afraid of speaking out against them. Rep. Wilson needs to come clean about his association with the SCV and denounce this organization and all the rest like it. If he is not willing to do this, then the House of Representatives must initiate an investigation into these right-wing hate groups and expose them before they set their anti-American plans into action, and destroy the greatest country on the planet. The time for action is NOW. Waiting any longer will only allow them the time they need to destroy America.

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