DearCitizen: Despicable Racist

Via Twitter

This is the tweet sent to @Tourex originally.

And in that tweet is this shortened link...

When that link is expanded or clicked on, it goes to:

"Agitprop" is a Russian term for a political strategy in which the techniques of agitation and propaganda are used to influence and mobilize public opinion. It is used by DearCitizen on Twitter frequently. In other words, this horrible lynching image is hosted on his personal blog site.

(Oct 18th - Added: The above image link has now been altered by the "AgitProp" site owner, which now depicts a clown. The image that was in it's place before is the one seen below. The site owner says in a comment below that @DearCitizen is not associated with his blog. I can only take him at his word that this is true.)

This is the kind of racist stuff seen in #tcot and #iamthemob repeatedly. Here's a few of his peers who defend him and his despicable behavior: @KEVINLORIGO, @NaiveAbroad, @ConservativeInd, @AlinskyDefeater, @twiggyoh, @dynomitethings, @kamaainaInOC, @GregWHoward, @gopminority, @justsnapd8, @justplainbill, @gopbabs, and @patdollard.

In an attempt at reverse logic, he wants to now imply that this was used in an attempt to associate HIM with the white people in the photo as a murderous mob. But does he go on to explain this connotation to Tourex, an MSNBC host that he also claims is "racist" in the bottom tweet with his friend, @JTlol?

No. He just leaves the image and the context of his tweet to do all the work for him.

How in the world would Tourex see this or interpret this any other way than highly offensive, with no previous context of the meaning he now claims?

And by the way, what did Tourex do to draw his vile attack from DearCitzen?
Let's take a look...

On Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan, he reported what NFL players felt about Rush Limbaugh. Not his own sentiments at all. He (did his job) reported what the NFL players were saying, which by the way, is also not racist by any means.


Very apropos indeed.

(Oct 18th - Corrected: @ConservativeInd is upset by my wording in the original blog as captured by her here: She would like it to be known that she is not personally a despicable racist, but merely a defender of one, which I have now indicated correctly in my post.)


Alexandra said... / Oct 16, 2009, 2:52:00 AM  

Whats really sad is that he will do everything possible to defend what he said and even twist words around because he honestly doesn't think hes done anything wrong...and that's scary and pathetic.

Dennis Jernberg said... / Oct 18, 2009, 12:13:00 AM  

And here you have it: the true pathology behind the "birther" conspiracy. Can the Republicans deny their "Fear of a Black President" anymore? Of course they do: they're in denial. The election of Barack Obama has completely unhinged these people. "I Am The Mob" indeed: the lynch mob in the picture betrays their true nature and agenda...

This is why we fight.

Agi said... / Oct 18, 2009, 10:50:00 AM  


Agitprop is my political blog. This image was originally uploaded by another contributor to my site for a post discussing the evils of racism. It was not meant to promote racism.

I don't know who Dear Citizen is or why he is spreading this image around. Actually, I don't quite get this whole Twitter thing. But he won't be able to use the image anymore, since I have successfully altered it.

Peace out.

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