Lawrence O'Donnell Slams Liz Cheney For Criticizing Obama's Trip To Honor Fallen Soldiers

Via Nick Sabloff

On "Countdown" Friday night, host Lawrence O'Donnell called out Liz Cheney for criticizing President Obama's visit to Dover Air Force Base to honor the returning war dead. Cheney, speaking on Fox News Radio's "John Gibson Show" Thursday, suggested that Obama had made the visit simply for the publicity. Regarding her appearance on the radio show, O'Donnell noted, "she wasn't going to let the facts get in her way."

As O'Donnell reminded viewers, President Bush and Vice President Cheney never went to Dover Air Force Base to honor fallen soldiers returning home while they were in office. O'Donnell then addressed Liz Cheney directly:

"Liz, don't let your dad do this to you. Don't let him parade you on to the stage to defend the indefensible. Let him suffer the full weight of the shame that we know he must feel when he watches Barack Obama do what he never had the decency to do."

Adding: Via Cesca

The Reagan 'Photo Op'

The predictable Liz Cheney meme about Dover is that President Obama used the flag-draped coffin as a photo-op.

But wait. How does she explain this...


I wonder how this photograph can exist without cameras.


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