Loving Every Minutes of This

Via Cesca

Limbaugh is having an all out tantrum about this NFL thing. Check this out:

LIMBAUGH: They [Democrats] have to have a villain to advance everything, because they cannot sell their ideas. They had to demonize me with false, fake, made up quotes. To protect their precious little — National Football League as an outpost of racism and liberalism, which is what it is.

WAAAAAHHH! I couldn't help but to think of the New Yorker cover from last March:


Limbaugh loves football, but football hates Limbaugh. Excellent!


Anonymous said... / Oct 17, 2009, 12:05:00 AM  

Keep singing to your own tune Cody... The liberal obsession with Rush is escalating. He has been on the radio for 20 fucking years....Glenn Beck is still on in spite of an all out liberal march for his head. Give it up..Rush is going NOWHERE but the liberal left is going straight to hell ELECTION 2010.

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