Military vs Cheney

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A group of retired Army Generals have accused former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter of using fear-mongering and scare tactics in response to the closing of the prison at Guantanamo Bay... to sway the opinion of the American people.

Retired Army Lt General Harry Soyster and retired Navy Rear Admiral John Huston who both support closing of the prison also discuss recent post at (now pulled) fantasizing about a military coup against the Obama administration.

(03:30) Admiral Huston on the supermax prisons in the United States.
It's just foolishness, Chris. We can bring these people to the United States, put them in prisons in the United States, prisons from which nobody has ever, in the history of America, escaped and we will be perfectly safe.

One thing that VP Cheney is right about, this is a national security issue. What he's wrong about is the direction in which the national security interests cuts. The national security interests cuts in favor of closing Guantanamo, as General Soyster says, taking that iconic image off the table, and putting these people in prisons, prosecuting those people that we can prosecute, transferring the others, but get rid of Gitmo.

(07:05) General Soyster on Newsmax columnist John Perry's "Coup" article.
Having spent a long time in the military, I don't remember any discussions about a coup, in fact, I think it's a great strength of this country that our military completely understand the role of our civilian leadership and their superiority.

We have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. It's worked pretty well for a long time. We think it's gonna continue to work for us very well.

Chris Matthews
Well said. Who couldn't agree with that. If anybody watching doesn't agree with that, please leave this country. This is democracy, the military serves the interests of the country. They do not dictate.


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