Real America

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SashaHalimaPR said... / Oct 21, 2009, 2:19:00 PM  

I saw this on Facebook via a friend of mine and it was incredible to watch.

Stuff like this makes me reconsider the way our country is and truly wonder to which direction it's heading.

Yesterday, I heard someone, who is a racist, complain to my mom that her son teased her because he said that her other son was getting married to a black person. This woman then said, "that's impossible, because my son told me he's engaged to a white girl. I think my other son is teasing me because he knows I don't like black people!"

Crazy, isn't it.

I look back at the election in 2008 and I think these are the same people what would benefit from Obama's health plans etc., but didn't vote for him because of the colour of his skin.

It's sad.

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