Some FaceBooker Showed Sarah the Rest of the Internet

Via Indecision


It looks like Sarah Palin. It punctuates like Sarah Palin. (Education: "Bachelor's degree in communications-journalism ," – sic. End a sentence fragment with a comma? You betcha, maverick.) But does this LinkedIn profile really belong to our Sarah Palin?

For one thing, her "experience" is missing her tenure as president of Facebook. For another thing, the page's URL is, which seems fishy. Our Sarah Palin isn't governor of anything! Perhaps there is another Sarah Palin out there governing something we don't know about? Has this other Sarah Palin gone roguer? Is this the work of a hacker, or young Piper playing a prank with mommy's 'puter?

We may or may not ever know the truth, but if any of you succeed in obtaining a reference from Sarah Palin via LinkedIn — oh yes, she is offering this service — forward it to us immediately. She is also interested in "business deals," so maybe you can help her out with that too? Nothing pervy, pervs!


J said... / Oct 19, 2009, 11:21:00 PM  

More gina envy..

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