A Few Awesome Comments from "Mr Brink"

Via Mr. Brink in comments over at Cesca

You don't storm in to office like Che Guevara and within the first few months outlaw banking and bankers, the federal reserve, corporate profits, pollution, international commerce, and capitalism in general. You don't round up George Bush and Dick Cheney and put them on trial for warcrimes. Congress had their chance to respond during those years. The way I remember it, it's been a group effort that fucked this country up ever since Reagan.

America is a mixed bag of aggressive interests and this president's job doesn't involve ignoring the role of congress and capitalism to do what Ralph Nader and Bill Maher wants to do.

America has been held hostage for years and Obama is thee Hostage Negotiator In Chief.

He's doing an outstanding job considering the dynamic of frothing nuts wishing him dead and gone.

Some people need to chill out. We're in good hands. Maybe the best hands ever.

"I love Obama. FDR he is not."~Gottverdammt Klaus
What would FDR do about terrorism?

Arab Internment camps?

Nobody's perfect.

FDR also got pretty much everything he wanted in his first 100 days from congress. What would he do about Blue Dogs?

FDR used radical means, sometimes unconstitutional, to stabilize the nation's banking and labor sectors and it didn't happen overnight-- or even within the first term. Obama's making better progress than FDR in this area.

Side bar: This isn't the first time unemployment was 10%. People need to remember that Reagan presided over 10% unemployment and his poll numbers in 1983 were 35%. 35%! We went from being the nation's foremost creditor nation to the world's foremost debtor nation under Reagan while the deficit exploded to unprecedented levels for peacetime, and he's considered one of the greatest presidents of all time. Go figure.

FDR led a massive war effort that aided recovery and soothed unemployment, but it obscured the realities and actual effectiveness of his economic policies which have been argued to have "preserved the worst evils of capitalism," despite all the good that came of them.

These are different times with numerous recurring problems that the president inherited 100%. Obama does have the benefit of drawing on FDR and every president since to stabilize the economy and restore confidence in America again. To "save capitalism" and protect labor and manufacturing is a shit shoveling job. But we've also got environmental concerns, outdated social injustices, trade policies, hostile nuclear pursuits in unstable regions, and a foreign policy that cannot be decided by a few guys in a room sipping cognac and martinis over a map of the world.

We went from FDR until Reaganomics without a billion dollar bailout. Conservative policies are poison. It seems to be a lesson easily forgotten or white washed.

Obama is more respectful of the constitution than FDR, but FDR gets all the glory?

I don't want an FDR today. That would scare the crap out of me. Too radical too fast.

I just want his financial regs restored and updated.

"True, Obama is far more respectful of the Constitution, and that is no small point. However, FDR didn't bother to bend over backwards to appease the Liebermans and Snowes of his day. And he pushed his agenda despite the millstone of Southern Democrats around his neck."~Gottverdammt Klaus
I don't really see how Obama isn't pushing his agenda.

I do see him pushing uphill, though.

It can't be easy when you're president of a country where corporate greed has so systematically compromised the media, congress, and even the supreme court-- manipulating what we think we know about the history of America and our role in the world along the way.

It can't be easy when the senate is chock full of unreasonable partisan obstructionists, religious extremists, bigots, and lying attack dogs.

It can't be easy being president in a country where 40% of the population thinks Sarah Palin should have been the next president.

It can't be easy resisting the urge to unilaterally usurp the constitution and states rights to force his agenda for expedience sake.

Usurp is a funny little word. Usurp

But despite the mighty forces that have been building and manipulating since their failed attempt to overthrow FDR, Obama's gotten a lot done within the constraints of a constitutional republic.

He is pushing his agenda, despite "leaders" like Harry Reid and "friends" like Lieberman.

And FDR wasn't a black man trying to persuade Southern Republicans who still wave the Confederate flag.


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