Olbermann Rips Glenn Beck For Exploiting 9/11: "Go To Hell"

Via Nick Graham

Keith Olbermann slammed Glenn Beck last night for invoking 9/11 in his opposition to health care reform. Beck launched into a rant about how he could have shouted for years about Osama bin Laden and warned of the attack and still no one would have taken the precautions necessary to stop it. Olbermann was having none of it:

Beck, you and the 9/12ers have the nerve to exploit 9/11 for your lousy TV raitings? You cannot make light of 9/11, nor bandy about as if your petty political grievances are comparable to it and still be an actual, patriotic American. In short, Glenn, 9/12ers, if you're invoking 9/11 just to oppose health care reform, go to hell.



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