Treasonous: Dick Cheney

Via Countdown

Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson discusses how former Vice President Dick Cheney's blunt opposition to President Barack Obama's foreign policy influences the American public's feelings about the new troop deployment plan

Via Atlantic: James Fallows

The former vice president, Dick Cheney, has brought dishonor to himself, his office, and his country. I am not aware of another former President or Vice President behaving as despicably as Cheney has done in the ten months since leaving power, most recently but not exclusively with his comments to Politico about Obama's decisions on Afghanistan. (Aaron Burr might win the title, for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, but Burr was a sitting Vice President at the time.) Cheney has acted as if utterly unconcerned with the welfare of his country, its armed forces, or the people now trying to make difficult decisions. He has put narrow score-settling interest far, far above national interest.


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