The Worst Health Care Issue Spot, Ever: "I Guess I'm a Racist"

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Any video emailed to you with the words "oh christ" as the only context with which to view it is worth a look. This did not disappoint. Via Andrew Sullivan, presenting the worst issue-ad I've seen in a long time.

This is the worst thing telling me what's racist and what isn't since Crash. It's that bad:

A few thoughts come to mind:

1. No, you're racist because you fear/hate/assume/stereotype/pigeonhole [insert various ethnicity]. Also, because you're an ignoramus.

2. Really? People think the people opposed to Obama's health care plan are racists? No. If they're opposed to Obama because they're racist, that's one thing. Those people exist! And they're probably opposed to all of his policies, not just health care. People are most likely opposed to Obama's health care plan because there's some provision in it they disagree with, or because it trends in a direction they don't feel like having our government go.

3. If you hate Obama because he's black, then yes, you're a racist. And you should flush your face into another universe. Also, the use of multiple minorities in this video is especially disingenuous, as if to imply that people from other ethnicities can't be racist, because they're from other ethnic backgrounds! Which is something only someone who hasn't spent any time around other ethnic groups would be ignorant enough to imply or stupid enough to take as true.

4. Do the people who made this understand the concept of projecting? Really: this red herring is dead and it smells like ass, or more appropriately, horseshit. Has the opposition of Obama's health care plan developed a persecution complex about being racist? There's a reason it's a complex. If you're so concerned about being a racist, you should probably do things to prevent being perceived as a racist. And the people stupid enough to perceive you as a racist for something that patently doesn't make you one are stupid, so why listen to them?

5. Forgetting the fact that the first guy looks curious like George W. Bush, or that whole "I guess I'm a racist" thing. The lede is buried, or as Andrew Sullivan puts it, the ad is most effective by sneaking the real propaganda at the end:

Conflating wider worries about the intensity of vaguely articulated loathing of Obama as racially tinged with specific worries about health insurance reform is, however, a useful piece of sophism. But really: a total government take-over of the healthcare system? For a reform where almost every newly insured person will get coverage under a private insurance company and get prescription drugs from private drug companies and get treated in non-government-run hospitals? Sigh.

Lying liars are not only liars about what racists they are, but about what they're racist about, too. People suck. Or as I emailed back: for fuck's sake.

Wonkette: All Of These People Are Racist

It was also featured on Rachel Maddow Monday night:


Elvis said... / Dec 7, 2009, 11:48:00 PM  

And what the fuck with the woman and the baby? Are they suggesting the fucking BABY KNOWS ABOUT HEALTHCARE AND DISAGREES WITH REFORM FOR REASONS HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE? Come ON, White People! Just LOOK at that kid! That kid HATES her some brown people!

Anonymous said... / Dec 8, 2009, 12:11:00 AM  

This propaganda takes trickery and deceit to a new low. In fact, I'd say it was abusive of stupid people. It's no one's fault that they have a low IQ, and smart propagandists and marketers shouldn't take advantage of them this way...

Aviva Gabriel said... / Dec 8, 2009, 12:14:00 AM  

This propaganda takes trickery and deceit to a new low. In fact, I'd say it was abusive of stupid people. It's no one's fault that they have a low IQ, and smart propagandists and marketers shouldn't take advantage of them this way...

PRIMALDATA said... / Dec 8, 2009, 12:26:00 AM  

my thing is it's an ad, your paying people to say a line. They are probably actors, I mean the funny part about it for some of the non minorities used yeah ummm what is you saying your racist gonna make me doubt the claims of racism.

Yes minorities can be racist, but at least the minorities would make you stop and think oh who would they be racist against. But what because you procreate oh you couldn't be a racist? Because your a young kid nooo young kids can't be racist.

The part I find the funniest is it's like who ever wrote this add never touched a history book or attended a class on the history of racism, hatred in oppression in any country. Age does not preclude you from being racist, nor gender, nor sexual orientation, nor socioeconomic level, nor religion, nor as funny as it sounds RACE.

Codester said... / Dec 8, 2009, 3:20:00 AM  

It was also featured on Rachel Maddow Monday night...

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