Vampire Girl Soooo Wanted Me.... Bad!

Ok, so... after breakfast I went for a walk around St Louis Cathedral and Jackson Sq looking for vampires that are out way past their bedtime and BAM, right off the bat, a really hot one with great style, an awesome Victorian dress, and an even more killer leather bodice.

So, I took a picture of her and she posed and all. Then I asked if she'd gimme that slightly devious "come hither" smile and show a lil fang.

Vampire girl totally stuck her vampire nose in the air and walked away, didn't say a word.

And I'm like "What, was I supposed to tip you? Vampires have no need for money, right?"

So, I'm walking after her cause I really wanna see the fab teeth and I know she's got 'em, cause well... look at that overbite. I'm looking around for an upside down hat on the ground somewhere that I must have missed, and digging in my purse for a couple bucks. And just then she darts to the right and does a fakie and then darts back to the left, and I realize she's totally trying to get away from me. So, I smelled my armpits and check to see if I smell like last night's garlic and I can't smell anything and I checked to see if I had on my little crucifix pendant... I didn't. And I'm wondering what the hell I did to offend vampire girl.

So, I'm like... "Do you wanna bite me, are you thirsty, can I get you a drink, my jugular is so hot blooded and throbbing, and I totally want eternal life now while I still look ok, ya know?"

But vampire girl was having none of it. She kept walk-trotting as fast as her little boot heels would allow and she got away. But then the church bells started chiming 9am so, I factored that in... and thought up a good reason justifying why she probably had to be elsewhere and it probably wasn't me that somehow offended her vampire sensitivities. Or maybe my blood was to life-giving and rich... to resist a total bad scene if she "did me" in public with so many people around, or something.

Anyway, I'm still gonna cut my partying a lil short tonight maybe,and go to bed before 2am in hopes that vampire girl will come through my open window while I'm all alone, helpless and vulnerable... and turn me into an undead creature of the night.

I dunno... maybe.

Ya think?

Last Night's Debauchery and Other Tales from the Big Easy

Started here yesterday. Hilton Hotel Bar.
Cause I was tired of walking after about 1/2 mile and because, duh... it's a bar.

Dixieland street jazz, Baby!! With Creole flava!

Dinner at Emeril's "NOLA" was fab. They had a Greek featured special.
But I went for the Hickory-Roasted Duck

I would totally rock in that kitchen...
if it weren't for the fact that one day my job could be under the sea.

Nawlin's Institution: Pat O'Brien's. Had to stop here for a fill-up.

I wanted to order one of those,
but the waitress said it's a fountain and not a beverage... it's just for show.

Balcony bumpin wit da boys... who were eagerly waiting to see if I'm gonna solicit beads or not.

But some traditions have changed since I was here last...

I didn't see diaper boy David Vitter yet. But you guys tell me... is this "man on beast" Rick Santorum? He sure was havin a good time with his sheep doll.

I had to go in here and check out the bargains...
but there was no really good deals on any zombies so I didn't get one.

Then, I thought maybe I had enough to drink when I saw Ronald McDonald
walking around with a Happy Meal that was also walkin around.

Pee Wee posed for some pics and the girls may have gotten him a lil excited
cause he had to stop and straighten out his hog leg.

One of these girls was straight when this picture was taken...
and today... she's not. : )
Also, I'm the proud new owner of a spikey choker.

That nun was such a slut. And she needed a shave.

For drinkers... this place is almost as accommodating as Las Vegas.

This is the only place I exposed my boy chest.
From their exhuberent reaction... you can see I was an enormous hit.

Breakfast this morning... the very famous Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

Jenci, I would have asked you to come with me honey, but this morning some other customer called them "powdered sugar donut thinghies" like you did, and they shot him dead on the spot.
So, in hindsight, maybe it's better you didn't come with me.

Ok, I'm gonna take a nap and later on I'll do a post and tell y'all about the stuck-up vampire I met this morning.

Saturday - Tune of the Day

U2/Green Day - The Saints Are Coming

Smiling really big today. :D
Yes, because of total drunken nasty carnal sin with a dirty hot stranger. :D

Taking a shower... :D
In search of breakfast... :D
I'll post pics from last night when I get back... :D
(No, not pics of THAT, you pervies!)

I'm Here. Let the Beads Collection Begin

Stay here when you visit. It's absolutely New Orlean's best kept secret.

Corner suite on Bourbon and Toulouse, right across from Tropical Isle.
Who's ready for a tall fruity Hurricane?

My awesome room. Nap accomplished. Drinking underway.

And "The Big Easy" just the way I like it... slow and easy.

Le pool courtyard. I'm seeing bloody marys here in my future at some point.

My second floor suite / beads collection bunker.

Friday - Tune of the Day

Beck - Guess I'm Doin Fine

So, on this road trip, I got all hung up on my Beck CDs. And it's understandable, cause he's a fuckin songwriting genius and all.

Also, I decided to go to 'Nawlins and not Key West.
Destin is my halfway point.
So, g'morning from Destin Florida.

Anyone else ready for bloody mary's?

‘Death to Obama’ Protester Detained

Via Wonkette

Man, what kind of a free speech country do we even have anymore when a man holding an innocuous “Death to Obama” sign outside a contentious town hall meeting, one that goes about as poorly as the other meetings that featured GUNS AND KNIVES and lots of shouting, is detained by police? No wonder everybody wants their America back! This America blows.

The holder of the sign has not been identified, except as a 51-year-old male. Apparently he was taken into police custody and questioned by the Secret Service.

It’s unclear if he was holding one sign or two, but some other words he had on display included “Death to Obama, Michelle and his two stupid kids,” or something like that. But ha ha, the joke’s on him! Thanks to the lead-poisoned White House garden, all of the Obamas will shortly turn into insane babbling wrecks and then perish on their own.

Man with ‘Death to Obama’ signs detained at HCC forum [Herald-Mail]
‘Death to Obama’ sign holder in Md. detained [AP]

Keith Olbermann: Bill O'Reilly Should Be Fired

Via Danny Shea

Keith Olbermann named Bill O'Reilly his Worst Person in the World Wednesday night, continuing to shatter any supposed truce between the rival cable news hosts.

Olbermann slammed O'Reilly for his unconfirmed report that MSNBC parent company GE may have been involved in selling roadside bombs.

"So you've got an unconfirmed report of an unconfirmed investigation, and you've got an unconfirmed report that GE is under suspicion in your unconfirmed report of your unconfirmed investigation," Olbermann said. "Do you have any facts at all?"

A GE spokesperson has called O'Reilly's report "maliciously false."

"You can talk all you want about feuds and cease fires and childishness," Olbermann said, "but if I or any actual reporter like me had gotten as much wrong in any story as Bill O'Reilly got wrong in this one, I'd be fired in 15 minutes — as he should be now."



Via Gawker

Barack Obama is fed up with the crazy stuff people are saying about health care on the internet, so he's decided to unleash the power of viral e-mail and put everything straight with a highly forwardable fact-check.

It's written by David Axelrod, and here's how it starts:

Dear Friend,

This is probably one of the longest emails I've ever sent, but it could be the most important.

Oh boy. First off: If you actually describe something as viral, that means it's not viral. Viral is a self-regenerating, word-of-mouth, prairie fire. When the most powerful institution on the planet announces that it is propagating a communication, it's called a press release. The fact that people can forward it doesn't mean it will take over the internet. Even stodgy corporations know this: When the smart ones launch viral campaigns, they don't tell anyone where it's coming from until it gets a foothold.

Second: You're not going to grab the attention of a random independent citizen by telling them off the bat that this e-mail is really long. And you're certainly not going to induce them to immediately forward it to friends and family with gripping stuff like this: "A recent national survey estimated that 12.6 million non-elderly adults –- 36 percent of those who tried to purchase health insurance directly from an insurance company in the individual insurance market –- were in fact discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition in the previous three years or dropped from coverage when they became seriously ill."

There's a reason White House white papers are rarely forwarded around in endless e-mail chains.

Also, it's all true. Which completely defeats the purpose. Here's what a pro-reform viral e-mail should look like:



WHY??? Hasn't SARAH PALIN facebooked about her own private DEATH PANEL?

FACT #1: On June 19, 1983, Sarah Palin's GRANDMOTHER Martha Palin died allegedly of cancer in Winchester, Idaho. Sarah Palin claims she was in Alaska on that day but STATE RECORDS show that she flew to nearby Montana on the day before. This is on PAGE 29 (two-thirds of the way down) of the Sarah Palin book called "Sarah". Where is Martha Palin's DEATH CERTIFICATE and why did Sarah "Barracuda" pull the plug on her OWN grandmother? Because she didn't have INSURANCE!

FACT #2: Charles Grassley is GAY. Did you know that? Just saying.

FACT #3: The Aetna Insurance Corporation (TAX ID# 7398-927) is NOT AN AMERICAN COMPANY. They are registered in Austria at Einsiedlerplatz 4, 1050 Vienna and AETNA is an acronym for Austrian Enterprise for Total Negation of America. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria (Wikiepedia). AETNA has spent $34.957 million (US) to defeat BARACK OBAMA's health care reform (Federal Election Commission Report 635-09, page 342) and shipped 43,387 stolen AMERICAN kidneys to Austria in fiscal year 2007 for transplant to Austrians (AETNA 2008 Annual Report—look in index for KIDNEYS).

FACT #4: Help BARACK OBAMA defeat Sarah Palin and the INSURANCE AND STOLEN KIDNEY INDUSTRY or this country will never be the same as you remember. My cousin had AETNA and went to the hospital for an appendix removal and it went bad and doctors kept him there for six weeks without telling him why. AETNA tried to charge him $6,354.28 for the stay! He fought it and then got laid off and went on GOVERNMENT-RUN MEDICAID which paid for everything and then at a check up the MEDICAID doctor told him HE ONLY HAD ONE KIDNEY and STILL HAD his appendix. COINCIDENCE?

Concerned citizen,

Barack Obama

In Miracle of Reproductive Science, John Edwards Is Father of Rielle Hunter's Baby

Via Gawker

Who're you gonna believe, me or your lying obligate paternal allele? John Edwards once said it's "not possible" that he's the father of Rielle Hunter's daughter, but the National Enquirer reports a DNA test has proven he's indeed the father.

In a "BOMBSHELL WORLD EXCLUSIVE!", the Enquirer says Edwards took a secret DNA test at Hunter's request:

"Rielle had no choice but to demand John take a DNA test," said the close friend.

"She was worried about getting long-term financial support for her daughter. So she hired an attorney, and John consented to undergo a secret swab test to establish paternity.

"There was no surprise: The results of the DNA test proved John was Frances' daddy."

Another source confirmed to The ENQUIRER: "John always knew he was the father of Rielle's baby.

In an ABC News interview last year admitting his affair with Hunter, Edwards had this to say about the paternity issue:

"I would welcome participating in a paternity test. Be happy to participate in one. I know that it's not possible that this child could be mine because of the timing of events, so I know it's not possible. Happy to take a paternity test, and would love to see it happen."

We're sure he absolutely loved taking that test secretly and then reading about it in the pages of the Enquirer, which has been 100% right about everything on this story.

Thursday - Tune of the Day

White Zombie - More Human Than Human

I am the Astro-Creep...
a demolition style hella-American freak, yeah!

Everybody Move To the Back of the Bus

Via DougJ

I know it’s a small thing, but this teabagger ripping up a poster of Rosa Parks seems particularly fucked up to me (via Oliver Willis).

The Healthcare Fight Turns Hazardous

Via Rachel Maddow

At least four Democratic Congressman have received death threats since healthcare townhalls started.

Why is this hurtful violence inciting speech still going on?

Sad Day in the Bachmann Household


Rep. Michele Bachmann's son has brought shame on his family by up and joining AmeriCorps' Teach for America. His mom has derided AmeriCorps as a "re-education camps" run by Democrats.

Cafferty File: Sarah Palin Is A Clown Who Is Destroying The Image Of Women In Politics

Via Crooks & Liars

August 11, 2009 CNN from The Cafferty File:

First she called Pres. Obama’s health care plan “evil” and said it would create “death panels.” Now Sarah Palin is urging restraint at town hall meetings.

In comments on her Facebook page, the former governor of Alaska (who quit in the middle of her first term) says there are many “disturbing details” in the health care bill, but that “we must stick to a discussion of the issues and not get sidetracked by tactics that can be accused of leading to intimidation or harassment.”

Palin suggests the disruptive protests “diminish our nation’s civil discourse”, and says opponents shouldn’t give supporters of health care reform any reason to criticize them.

This is the same woman who a few days ago was spreading a false claim that Pres. Obama would force the elderly and disabled to appear before a “death panel.” She said a group of bureaucrats would get to decide whether people like her parents and her son, who has Down Syndrome, could get health care.

There’s no such provision in the bill. Gee, do you suppose she didn’t read it? Rather, a House committee passed a provision that would let Medicare reimburse seniors who want counseling on end-of-life issues. Once again, Sarah Palin’s version of reality is at odds with reality.

Whatever the reason, Palin backed down. See, she wasn’t getting much support. Several Republican governors distanced themselves from her, either refusing to comment or saying Palin could “speak for herself.” Not exactly the way to build that right-of-center coalition she keeps talking about.

SO HERE’S THE QUESTION: Are you interested in Sarah Palin’s views on health care reform?

Bryan in Georgia
No, so please stop covering this woman. She obviously hasn’t even read the proposals – seeing her past statements. We have “death panels” right now – they are called insurance companies. They are the ones that are making hourly decisions whether people live and die by deciding if they will cover them or not!

Lee in Henrico, North Carolina
I was interested in her views until I heard her “death panel” remark. It’s now clear that she’s not much interested in the facts. Therefore, I’m no longer interested in her views, on anything.

Kodiak in Alaska
Not in the least. I live in Alaska and think she’s out of her mind, or what limited mind she may have. By the way, the Alaska Legislature just overrode her veto of federal energy stimulus funds (the only state to do so).

Pat in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sarah Palin could not be more of a loon if she sprouted wings, started flying around, and eating raw fish. Why are we still paying attention to her?

Lee in Arlington, Texas
I am always interested in hearing what Palin has to say. Her world view is like getting to go to an improv comedy show for free and everyone needs a good laugh.

I couldn’t care less what Mrs. Palin’s views are on whether you should drink white or red wine with chicken, let alone her views on health care. The woman is a clown, a non-thinking entity who is destroying the image of women in politics every time she opens her mouth. Right-wingers like her because she’s cute and she’s religious.

There’s little about Sarah Palin and her views that interest me. She continues to prove that she is nothing but irrelevant when it comes to matters of substance. She’s all Eskimo and no Igloo.

Breakfast of Champions!

Cause that's how I roll, Bitches!!

Wednesday - Tune of the Day

Kylie Minogue - You Did It Again

Jon Stewart Vs. Town Hall Crazies

Via HuffPo

If you're taking a break from crazy this August and refuse to watch cable news, you may have missed some town hall kerfuffles lead by the least-informed, yet loudest, sector of the Republican party. These town halls focus on explaining and answering questions about Obama's health care reform plan, but the people yelling and screaming at these events don't want answers, they want to yell and scream. The disruptions have even led to outbreaks of violence and death threats to groups participating in the events.

Of course, these folks are not acting out on their own, but getting their misinformation from leaders such as Sarah Palin who insists Obama's plan includes "death panels," and Rush Limbaugh who said that "Obama's health care logo" (which does not yet exist) looks like a swastika.

Jon Stewart took on these town hall uprisings and their leaders last night in two segments, the first focusing on the media hypocrisy over the coverage of these events, and the second mocking the "death panel" debate.


Rude Pundit on Monday's Stephanie Miller Show

Via Rude Pundit

also on Twitter: @rudepundit

The Rude Pundit does Madame Stephanie's weekly bidding,
talking about townhall jerks and more.

Hate: In New Hampshire?

Via Joan Walsh

Look who's rallying vs. Obama in Portsmouth

I'll be writing about President Obama's town hall in Portsmouth, NH Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, I wanted to get a sense of what kind of protest Obama might face there, and the Portsmouth Herald has a great story about the local extremists who are organizing against Obama's health care plan, and hoping to turn his meeting into one of the "town hell" so many Democrats have faced this steamy August.

It's a great group:

Jack Kimball, who runs a medical cleaning business named Great Bay Facility Services, is a leader of the right-wing Granite State Patriots, which organized the state's Tea Parties last April. He may be most famous for regularly changing the sign on his Route 1 business's billboard to trash Obama. He and his colleagues were early to organize "Town Hells" to harass Democrats. Here he is boasting about roughing up a counter-protester during a "No more socialism" protest at Carol Shea Porter and Jeanne Shaheen's offices in mid-July:

Just got back from the protest at CSP & Jeanne Shaheen's offices in Dover. Here's a quick report: We had around 40 - 50 people in front af CSP's office and another 20-25 in front of Shaheens. I consider that to be a good turnout for a lunch hour on a Friday. WE also had around 12 SEIU/ACORN agitators and we smothered them. They had their little chants and rants going such as "health care for all" etc. But, we came up with a few of our own such as "no gov't health care" and "Carol Shea Porter, you're FIRED". We also came up with "Bye, Bye, Carol" (similar to the Red Sox cheer).

I had a bit of a run in with one of those Idiots when he jumped into the middle of some of our group that were posing for a picture (with his sign) and we exchanged some up close and personal pleasantries where he accidentally got a bump on the head when I went to grab his sign. Oh well, got to have a little fun at these things.
Pam Smith, another local who's planning to turnout Tuesday morning, is "assistant coordinator" of Glenn Beck's so-called "9/12 project," which aims to return the country to the state of shock, terror, mourning, grief and – for a few people – determination to kill anyone who could possibly be blamed for the 9/11 attacks (as in all Muslims and American liberals). Smith posted about protesting in Portsmouth on the Meetup site on Monday:
Who ever is going it is CRUCIAL that you get there as early as possible.

Park at Bowlorama & We will meet 2 BowloRama @ 8:00 AM SHARP!

From there we proceed to the high school which abuts the Bowling place. We will need to walk thru a bit of woods. I have never been there so not sure how much.


This is going ot be a LONG HOT DAY so get your survival boots on!

(So far, only 14 members have said they'll come)

Smith told the Portsmouth Herald Monday:“We are asking for our representatives to condemn the venomous attacks being made by Democrat state party leadership and the special interest groups that are supporting the president’s plan, which are being hurled at New Hampshire citizen taxpayers.” On Monday night she told her Meetup buddies that she'll be on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday morning, if you want to tune in:

Hu all,

Just got back from Portsmouth & interview with Good Morning America - Matt Murphy from NHAC & I - the NH 912 Project was mentioned - let's see if they did a good job. Reporter Charlie something (I was nervous lol) did the interview.

See you all in the AM & set your DVR's for news all day!

Pam :-)

Corey Lewandowski, director of the Astroturf-seeming group "Americans for Prosperity," came to national attention as the campaign manager for former ultra-right Sen. Bob Smith's unsuccessful 2002 campaign against (now also former) Sen. John Sununu, who infuriated Sununu Jr. and Sr. for telling reporters (in the wake of 9/11) that Sununu might be soft on terror because of his Palestinian roots. Lewandowski then moved on to the staff of Ohio Rep. Bob Ney, who went down in the Abramoff scandal.

AFP's subgroup, "Patients United Now" ran the notorious and now discredited ad campaign with alleged Canadian cancer sufferer Shona Holmes, who claimed the Canadian system the U.S. isn't adopting denied her treatment for a brain tumor (in fact, she had a cyst, and most of the other details of her story turned out to be false.)

Lewandowski told the Portsmouth Herald:

“We all have been asking for the proper forum to voice our concerns with our elected representatives about the content of the proposed legislation,” he said.

Former state Sen. George Lovejoy, founder of The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, is a former Steve Forbes backer turned Mitt Romney supporter in 2008. Although Lovejoy is also a Tea Party activist, he plays a moderate on the issue of the "town hells." But he'll be turning out to protest Obama, too.

“We need to start to have a civil dialogue about the consequences of this proposal for average Americans, business owners, as well as the costs implications to the American taxpayers,” Lovejoy told the Portsmouth Herald.

Granite Grok, a Web site associated with all of the above, is listed as a sponsor of the Obama protests, is a hub that unites the various fringe segments of New Hampshire's right wing groups – the tea partiers, the town-hell organizers, and the crazy Birthers. Granite Grok linked the movement against health care reform to the Birthers, in a post insisting its "town hell" protesters are "much like the lady we saw passionately addressing Congressman Mike Castle about Obama's birth status." A completely uninformed and seemingly insane lady, it should be said. We'd already noticed the similarities between the movements, but Granite Grok's honesty should be praised.

I'm sure Obama is ready for the hazing Tuesday, but let's hope the mainstream media calls it what it is: an organized movement to lie about his agenda and link the various strain of paranoia to protest – and perhaps disrupt – his effort at dialogue. Tune in at 10 a.m. PT/1 pm ET.

-- Joan Walsh

Sarah Palin Comments Dangerously Irresponsible

Via CountDown Special Comment


I Am The Mob

Ok, it was all fun and games when the new "Enemies List" bots were taking down names of wingnuts and making them all wingnuttier and freaking them out about their Twitter accounts and likely their Facebook accounts being turned over to the White House and marched off to the FEMA labor internment camps.

But now these bots have come after the wrong girl. And don't they know who I am? I have a serious reputation on Twitter as a bonafide radical hardcore koolaid drinking leftist Commie Socialist Obamabot unicorn chasing LIBTARD!!

I never once used the #iamthemob hashtag... and only occasionally used the #teaparty hashtag and by occasionally I mean about 57 times an hour but STILL!!

Was it because I'm sarcastic? Was my sarcasm misunderstood as a threat to the administration? Was it the FOX news site I signed up for... just to club one wingnut with some truth and logic? It was a local news affiliate FOX site for God's sake!! Not the holiest of holies, Sean Hannity's PERSONAL BLOG!!

This isn't fair. And I know Michelle Bachmann warned me. But I'm, ya know... young and invincible. Now... Rahm Emanuel has got me confused with an actual right wing loony-toon.

Oh, god. Not Rahm. I almost totally forgot. Oh, please god no... not Rahm Emanuel. Don't make me go before Rahm!!




TPMtv - The Day in 100 Seconds: Save My Baby!


America's New "It" Couple Kiss and Tell on Larry King Live

Via Gawker

Unless you've been squatting in a partially-developed Williamsburg condo building, surely you've heard the news of the torrid Levi Johnston/Kathy Griffin affair currently taking the nation by storm. Tonight, Kathy and Levi dished on their hot Teen Choice Awards date.

Frankly, this may have been the most entertaining segment on Larry King Live since the fossilized lizard himself gave Marlon Brando a handjob on the air. Between Griffin's steady barrage of sexual innuendo, thinly veiled references to post-date Levi-banging, combined with Levi's seemingly endless "aw shucks" blushes and sheepish grins, this was fun television from beginning to end. Long live Kathy and Levi. May the white-hot flame of their love never be extinguished.

Hillary Clinton Goes Nuts At Some Student, In Africa

Via Wonkette

Mean old Hillary Clinton went to Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo today to discuss god knows what, current giraffe prices? Because it’s Africa?? And while she was taking questions in Kinshasa, some curious “Congolese university student” had the gall to “ask her for her husband’s thinking on an international financial matter.” But instead of just laughing it off with a “Ha ha, you don’t respect women in your country, which is why you have a rape epidemic,” Hillary Clinton murdered the student!

“You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?” she replied incredulously when the male student asked her what “Mr. Clinton” thought of World Bank concerns about a multi-billion-dollar Chinese loan offer to the Congo.

“My husband is not secretary of state, I am,” an obviously annoyed Clinton said sharply. “If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

The question was left unanswered as the moderator of the event quickly moved on.

Seems like someone wasn’t briefed on this issue!

Clinton: I’m secretary of state, not Bill [AP]

honeyhoney - Little Toy Gun

Bethany gave me an idea to do a song-a-day on the blog. I've seen this on a few other blogs too. And my taste isn't too shabby, I'm happy to say. So, I think I will. If I forget sometime, just kick me and tell me to post one.

And check out Bethany's World. She's super hawt and cheeky smart... but she's not good about sharing her Häagen-Dazs ice cream when she gets her hands on some.

So, today's tune is Little Toy Gun by honeyhoney

honeyhoney - Little Toy Gun - Behind The Scenes

Dump The Sick

Via Bob Cesca

A former senior executive with Cigna, Wendell Potter, testified on the Hill today that his former employer routinely "dumped the sick."

"[T]hey confuse their customers and dump the sick, all so they can satisfy their Wall Street investors," former Cigna senior executive Wendell Potter said during a hearing on health insurance today before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. [...]

"They look carefully to see if a sick policyholder may have omitted a minor illness, a pre-existing condition, when applying for coverage, and then they use that as justification to cancel the policy, even if the enrollee has never missed a premium payment," Potter said. "…(D)umping a small number of enrollees can have a big effect on the bottom line."

Small businesses, in particular, he said, have had trouble maintaining their employee health insurance coverage, he said.

"All it takes is one illness or accident among employees at a small business to prompt an insurance company to hike the next year's premiums so high that the employer has to cut benefits, shop for another carrier, or stop offering coverage altogether," he said.

That last part -- the insurer hiking rates on small businesses forcing them to stop coverage -- is what prompted me to drop my health insurance, or else go bust. They hiked my small business premium to a level that was practically equal to all of the rest of my monthly overhead. I had no choice.

I can't repeat this enough: Private health insurance is a criminal enterprise and the only way out is a robust public option. Contact your representative now! And while your phone is warmed up, give a ring to the Coaltion of the Corrupt & Spineless.

Melody Barnes Explains Obama’s Innovative Mandatory Euthanasia Panels For Citizens Past Age Of Reproduction

Via Wonkette

Look, it’s the adorable newlywed Melody Barnes discussing with a straight(ish) face the REAL TRUTH behind the much-ballyhooed Panel of Experts who will advise you on the best methods for saving the State the cost of supporting your elderly carcass once you no longer serve as an effective food or work source. Apparently the so-called health care “reformers” just want you to be able to access information about getting a living will. Occam’s razor here, folks! What’s more believable: that Obama wants to encourage people to communicate more with their doctors, or that this Barnes character is just some alien android created expressly for eugenics propaganda purposes? [Health Insurance Reform Reality Check]