Instructions for Jenci For Otis

1) Go to the link I gave you and submit a request. Tell them why whatever they think Otis did wasn't meant to be malicious or spammy. Make a selection in ALL the drop down menus.

When you fill out the long "explanation" part, do yourself a favor... copy and paste it somewhere... so you won't have to re-type it later (to re-open or submit another ticket).

2) Once you hit "submit"... it will give you a "request number" or "ticket number" and then it will send you an email follow up.

3) Send a polite tweet to @delbius in the support staff and let her know you opened a ticket. Include the ticket number. She's a sweetheart and can help you a lot, so don't be mean. Anytime you go to her for anything... make sure you opened a ticket request first.

4) They may address the problem in the same day... or it could take weeks. Be patient. You may get @delbius, or you may get somebody else.

5) If they give you a standard cut and paste reply and they close out your ticket... you will get another email. You can go back to your ticket through that email OR if you simply reply to that email... it will also add another comment onto the ticket comment stream and that will re-open the ticket.

6) Wait some more.

7) Eventually, you will get what looks like a human response and they'll un-suspend the account.

Side Note (1): Being logged into Twitter and being logged into the support site are two different animals. But the same username and password. If you do something on the support site and whatever page you landed on next doesn't look right... log out and log back in.

Side Note (2): When your'e on the support site... look at the menu bar for "Check Your Existing Requests" your ticket will be there if it is still open. But if it is closed... look over to the right side bar for View your solved and closed requests

Side Note (3): Create a "backup" Twitter account for yourself if you don't already have one... to be able to use for situations just like this. On mine... I hardly ever use it, so I don't maintain or groom the friends list as often, but most of my friends are there and they understand why I have the second acct.

Again, be patient. It may take a while, but the support staff at Twitter are better at responding and fixing things... than any other site I've dealt with.

Good luck.


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