Lawrence O'Donnell on Friday's Morning Joe

Via Cesca

This was an unbelievable display. I'm not talking about O'Donnell, but former Rummy speechwriter Marc Thiessen playing the "Who us?" card regarding 9/11. The Republicans are pathological regarding those attacks. They're in utter denial. And as soon as Lawrence O'Donnell calls out their bullshit, Scarborough cuts him off and throws to commercial.

Thiessen, by the way, has been justifying torture for some time now. Most recently in an online back-and-forth with Matt Yglesias, Thiessen insisted that waterboarding isn't like the Spanish Inquisition's waterboarding because the Bushies didn't tie down their victims. Good people.

Nevertheless, I love it how Scarborough constantly plays the "civil discourse" card and the "I'm not a radical ideologue" card -- until the subject of terrorism and torture comes up. Then he's shouting people down (as he did with Krystia Freeland), and cutting people off, and calling them crazy (O'Donnell), and saying they're too stupid to be on television (Jesse Ventura).

Spare us the self-righteous lessons in civil debate, Joe.

One more thing. For the record, the Library Tower plot in Los Angeles was thwarted long before KSM was captured, so it's a lie to suggest that waterboarding KSM somehow prevented the attack.


J said... / Feb 13, 2010, 7:55:00 PM

"Marc, I'm wondering about your own personal experience with torture. I know you grew up in the richest zip code in America, in the Upper East Side. You went to the only boarding school in all of Connecticut that I know of that has its own golf course... And then you went to Vasser. And like all the torture-mongers in the Bush White House, the Cheney family included, you never served a day in the military. Never considered that. I'm wondering, with that background, what is it that gives you an expertise on torture? What makes you love it so much?"

In other words, O'Donnell had no argument other than a silly ad hominem attack against Thiessen. O'Donnell is a disgrace; that MSNBC gives O'Donnell a platform to spout his venom is a disgrace. Something is wrong with both of them. And they both owe Thiessen (and the Cheney family) apologies.

Codester said... / Feb 14, 2010, 4:36:00 AM  

HEH!! Is that the only part of that exchange you caught...? Really?

Why do you think Lawrence busted out with that big grin before the commercial break (uhh, I mean smackdown interruption)?

Let's roll tape again...

Codester said... / Feb 16, 2010, 6:57:00 PM  

CIA Historian Rips Marc Thiessen, Says He’s Got CIA/Torture History Wrong

J said... / Feb 17, 2010, 1:09:00 AM  

Cody if you think yelling over somebody is a "smackdown", then fine. I guess if we were in person and you start yelling over me "Bush, Bush", then you win.

Codester said... / Feb 17, 2010, 4:41:00 AM  

The transcript is right there. It's not like it was some unintelligible screaming as Malkin described it...

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