Republicans Abandon Principles to Pander Right

Via C&L

Rachel Maddow calls out the Republicans for their rank hypocrisy from everything from the stimulus bill to cap and trade to pay-go to the deficit to the bank bailouts. Rep. Barney Frank weighs in and as usual doesn't pull any punches when calling the GOP out for their double talk.

As Frank notes, there's a difference between someone who votes against something and admits they didn't like it but still wants their district to get some money, and someone who tells you something doesn't work and then takes credit for it and asks for more money. When the Democrats are going to quit acting like the Republicans are honest brokers when it comes to running our government in any way shape or form is beyond me. They don't care about governing. They care about breaking the bank and proving government can't work so they can privatize everything no matter how much more it costs us.


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