Let Them Eat Fake

Via Maddow

Rachel Maddow to GOP: "You have to stop threatening to shoot people and stop making stuff up!"

Via nyseer

The lead in was Acorn, who was driven out of business because of a dazzling hooker scandal. A scandal that turned out to have been faked, not that many will ever know it.

So Acorn is now gone. And it's an afterthought that the attack that killed them off was totally made up. Bogus. Bull pucky.
Climate Gate- Bunk

She barely needed to comment or give background. She knows we know the deal. She assumes a certain amount of intelligence on the part of the viewer, which is always flattering. But the crux is that a UK panel declared this week that the scandal was bullshit and added in the report "global warming is happening and is induced by human activity."

Loose transcript-

Outrage about recess appointments- Bull
Outrage over mandates- Bull
Outrage over Miranda rights for terrorists- Bull
Outrage about civilian trials for terrorists- Bull
Outrage over the stimulus package- Bull
Repealing health reform- Bull
Lawsuits against health reform- Bull
Death Panels- Bull
Birth Certificate- Bull
Fear of census- Bull
Threats to end second amendment- Bull
Thousands of armed IRS agents to enforce HCR mandates- Bull
Taking away the right to go fishing- Bull
Scott Brown saying Rachel is running against him- Bull


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