Judging the CPAC 2010 Conference By It's Swag

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Road to Recovery


This new video from Organizing for America and the DNC shows in graphic terms how the stimulus bill stopped the job losses of the Bush Recession and helped put our economy back on the road to recovery.


Obama’s First Year Accomplishments in Review

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Rachel Maddow Calls Out Glenn Beck For His Lies About Her: "Back Off"

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Rachel Maddow calls out Beck for editing her criticism of him on her show and making sure his viewers didn't see Rachel calling him out for his bullshit. I had said before that Dylan Ratigan was wasting his time engaging Beck. That's because Ratigan actually thought it would be a good idea to either bring Beck on his show or go on Beck's show. I do not think when Beck lies about one of them they should let it go unchallenged and am glad Rachel Maddow pointed out Beck's hypocrisy here and how he edited her segment. Engaging him is a complete waste of time. He's not going to come on MSNBC any time soon and he sure as hell isn't going to bring either Ratigan or Maddow on his show any time soon and if he did they'd be in some debate box where he could hit the mute button any time he wanted instead of live on his set.

It's useless to even pretend like that might happen in any fair manner, ever, as Ratigan proposed. Calling him out for his bullshit is not. Although I would love to see the idiot try to debate Rachel in person if he wasn't just allowed to yell over her, cut her mike or filibuster the entire time. I would imagine it would be much like Beck bringing a toy knife to an assault rifle fight if he actually had to debate Rachel Maddow on any subject and those were the rules of the game. I hope Rachel doesn't spend too much time on this pissing contest with Beck though because in the end, too much time spent on this serial liar is just a waste of energy. Fox doesn't care how much he lies and neither do his brain dead viewers. Well enough to point it out and move along.

Special Comment: Beware Fear's Racist Temptation

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The Right Is Claiming Thiessen Won In That Heated MSNBC Exchange? Really?

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In other words, O'Donnell had no argument other than a silly ad hominem attack against Thiessen. O'Donnell is a disgrace; that MSNBC gives O'Donnell a platform to spout his venom is a disgrace. Something is wrong with both of them. And they both owe Thiessen (and the Cheney family) apologies.


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Yeah, like fun they do. Here is another view:

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 changed American politics forever. But in spite of the warning signs raised by the U.S. intelligence community, the Bush administration seemed preoccupied with other issues, aloof to the alleged threat until the day both towers fell.Why then, MSNBC’s liberal host Keith Olbermann asked on Friday night, is it “taboo” to blame the Bush administration for allowing the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans on their watch?

His conclusion: For their lack of vigilance and because they “did not prioritize,” President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are to be faulted for the attacks.

Provoked by former Bush and Rumsfeld speechwriter Marc Thiessen’s allegation that President Obama is “inviting” another attack, Olbermann noted that when President Bush was warned by the CIA that terrorists were targeting the United States and may be planning to use airliners, Bush replied, “All right, you’ve covered your ass now” and proceeded to do nothing about it.

More details about the Olbermann segment, including his interview of O’Donnell (and yes, there was a lot more to it than the part about Thiessen’s personal background), are at Raw Story.


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During an appearance Friday on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Thiessen began by telling host Joe Scarborough, "Barack Obama has eliminated the CIA's interrogation program, which is the single most successful and important intelligence program in the war on terror and possibly in the history of the CIA. ... You've got to think back to the period after 9/11. We didn't even know who hit us. ... This program is why we did not have another 9/11."

O'Donnell wasn't buying it, however. He told Thiessen, "You actually published a book that says that the president of the United States ... 'is inviting the next attack.' Isn't it true that the president you worked for invited the first attack by having no idea what was going on with al Qaeda?"

By this point, Scarborough had already begun attempting to cut O'Donnell off, repeatedly saying, "Lawrence, that's ridiculous," but O'Donnell continued inexorably.

"You just admitted that when you were hit on 9/11, you just said, 'We didn't know who hit us,'" O'Donnell stated. "You were told who was going to hit you before we were hit on 9/11, and your administration invited the first attack -- for which you should live in shame!"

As Thiessen attempted to respond by counting up the number of terrorist incidents under the Clinton administration and O'Donnell continued to talk over him, Scarborough finally jumped in to say, "We're going to break, right now ... and I'm going to be interviewing Marc by myself."

Related: APRIL 10, 2004--Under pressure from the September 11 commission, the White House today declassified and released an intelligence digest given to President George W. Bush weeks before the 2001 terrorist attacks. The confidential President's Daily Brief (PDB) for August 6, 2001 contained a two-page section entitled "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US"

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