David Bowie - Heroes @ Concert For New York City

Still as heart wrenching as it was 9 years ago.

Articulating The Message (or just typical straight up GOP lying)

The audacity of "bailout blame" hypocrisy.

The awesome! It burns! Here's an excellent example of why Maddow won the
2010 Walter Cronkite award...

I swear, these idiots act like their policy positions aren't recently recorded history.

It's the Stupid, Stupid

From Bob Cesca

Via Kevin Drum, the new Washington Post poll shows across-the-board preference for the Democrats over the Republicans on everything from the economy to personal values. On the "deserve to be re-elected" question, Republicans are less deserving of re-election than Democrats.

But more people said they're going to vote for Republicans anyway.

As Drum notes, it's the economy. And I agree, but I would add that it's also stupidity. Many of the most determined voters right now are people who believe the Obama administration is somehow banning prayer and indoctrinating children. They don't realize that 30 percent of the first stimulus was tax cuts. They don't realize that less spending and deficit reduction will make things worse. Most of all, they're willing to let the Republicans have a stab at governing again, even though they believe the Republicans are less competent and less capable. Pure insanity.