DE-Sen: O'Donnell, In Her Own Words

MSNBC, Joe Scarborough's show, 11/13/2002:

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL: So Eric, what do you tell them? Do you tell them safe sex?

ERIC NIES: You're going to stop the whole country from having sex?


Listen up Christine O'Donnell, it's our coochies!! We'll play with them whenever we damn well feel like it. It's our Constitutionally protected right. Keep your big government out of my hot mess!!

Here's Constitutional scholar Cyndi Lauper:
She bop he bop a we bop
I bop you bop a they bop
Exactly!! It's a perfectly safe and harmless procedure enjoyed by a plurality of THE ENTIRE WORLD. And if you were willing to be honest, you are too!
Hey, hey they say I better get a chaperone
Because I can't stop messin' with the danger zone
I won't worry, and I won't fret
Ain't no law against it yet
NO LAW! Nuff said. Thank you, Cyndi.

Kinda Makes Me Sad For Them... Almost

Maybe my twilight years won't suck after all.

Via Andrew Pavelyev

The long election cycle of 2010 is finally (almost) over. Yes, the general election still remains, but that’s almost an afterthought, since it is shaping to be the most boring and inconsequential federal election in a generation (seriously, will it make any real practical difference whether the Republicans pick 5 or 50 House seats?). The real action in this election cycle was in the Republican primaries, they are almost over, and we already know who won: (drum roll, please!) President Obama. American conservatives have suffered a crushing and lasting defeat. The center of gravity in American politics has shifted permanently and irreversibly to the left (and conservative ideology will eventually follow).

The saddest thing is that this conservative calamity is mostly self-inflicted. More and more conservatives get Oprah-cized (one of their favorite leaders, Sarah Palin is sometimes called “the conservative Oprah”, and in my humble opinion Glenn Beck deserves that title too). They now believe that expressing their feelings (e.g. by nominating quixotic candidates) is more important than trying to influence government policies (e.g. by nominating viable candidates). They withdraw from practical politics and instead join a protest movement. They march in the streets in tricorn hats while the liberals (whom they unwittingly help to put in office) are creating new entitlements and raising taxes.

Obama’s biggest victory so far has been in the Pennsylvania Republican primary, and it occurred a whole year before any votes were actually cast: a strong primary challenge prompted Sen. Specter to change parties, and that gave the Democrats the magic 60 votes that they needed to pass Obamacare without any sort of compromise with Republicans. Apparently, for some conservatives that was an acceptable price for purging an elderly RINO. But there were many other victories as well. Many vulnerable Democratic congressional candidates got their dream opponents (the latest example is Christine O’Donnell – unfortunately, just one of many, way too many, examples). So the GOP gains in November will be smaller than they could be. Furthermore, a lot of those gains will be easily reversible. In 2012 Obama will be on the ballot, and that will almost certainly increase the Democratic turnout (just as in 2008). Many Republicans who manage to squeak by this year will not survive 2012. And it can be even worse than in 2008 since not only will a lot of newly won Republicans seats be in danger, but some long-held seats will be in play as well, because in this year’s primaries retiring GOP congressmen and even some incumbents (not only moderates but also real conservatives like Bennett in the Senate and Inglis in the House!) were replaced with candidates who may be too conservative for their districts.

Even if Republicans capture the House this November, they will have a barely functional majority – a 225-210 split is about the best we can realistically hope for – and will be almost certain to lose the House again in 2012, potentially even by a worse margin than in 2008. Such a scenario would be devastating to conservative causes, since Obama would claim that his own re-election victory combined with his party wrestling the House from the GOP (and expanding their Senate majority) gives him a clear mandate to implement his agenda (rather than pursue bipartisanship). And make no mistake, that’s the mandate Obama plans to get before pursuing his remaining agenda. All the talk about the importance of this year’s election in stopping Obama is just talk. There’s nothing to stop! Obama was done with his first term several months ago. He knew from the very start that his popularity would decline and that his party would likely lose seats in the midterm elections, so he could not have possibly planned to leave any important part of his first-term agenda for the second half of that term. He did what he could (and that’s a lot) in the first 18 months or so, and the rest will just have to wait for a new mandate. If anything, a small and rudderless (but increasingly ideological) GOP majority in the House will actually make it easier for Obama to win re-election.

Obamacare is not the only lasting effect from this year’s primaries. The Senate seats that the Republicans threw away (the seat in Delaware has just been added to this list) will now be in the hands of Democrats for 6 years, and some of them will not realistically come into play again for much longer than that. Who knows, the Republican president in 2025 (I’m not very optimistic we will see one earlier than that) may have some important part of his agenda derailed because of coming up one Senate vote short (thanks to a Democrat rather than Republican representing Delaware).

But there are still even worse and more lasting effects – which we will never be able to quantify. We will never know how many talented young people contemplating entering Republican politics (especially in swing states) will decide to pursue other career options instead because of all the ugliness they saw in this primary season (nor how many congressional Republicans will retire earlier than they otherwise would). But we can be sure that conservatism will be suffering for decades because of their decisions.

Oh, and this whole thread is like porn for liberals.

DE-Sen: Fight! Fight! Fight!

An aide to defeated Rep. Mike Castle:

"She is a con artist who won by lying about Castle's positions and her own life," said Kate Dickens, a Castle aide. "Out of state support was enough to pull her through yesterday so she can rely on it through November."

Karl Rove:

“I’ve met her. I wasn’t frankly impressed by her abilities as a candidate,” Rove said during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “One thing that O’Donnell is now going to have to answer in the general election that she didn't in the primary is her own checkered background.”

“There were a lot of nutty things she has been saying that don't add up,” Rove added.

“Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get her college degree? How did she make a living?”

Some random GOP "strategists":

In Wilmington, Republican strategist Don Mell and his wife, Jeanne, who is a Democrat, walked across the street from Castle's party to Coons' primary watch party at a nearby pub. The couple donned Castle pins when they arrived at the Coons event and picked up one of the Democrat's yard signs.

"I'm not voting for that woman-she's crazy," Don Mell said. "There isn't going to be any discussion about that."

O'Donnell's supporters punch back.

Back at O'Donnell's party in Dover, the mood was triumphant, rather than conciliatory.

O'Donnell supporters wearing light blue t-shirts that read, "Team Christine" gloated over their victory by posing in front of a Castle yard sign in front of the stage, on which someone had scribbled "GOOD BYE!" in bright red letters under the congressman's name.

"We could care less about the Republican Party," said O'Donnell volunteer Brad Flora of Camden, Delaware. "We want our government back.

And Rove is suddenly not so popular. One conservative blogger wrote:

Rarely have I seen such childishness from the supposed leaders of a political establishment, who set the very rules and customs they now want to ignore because they just got embarrassed on a national stage. Grow up, shut up, and get to work."

Another called for Rove to be kicked off Fox News and "investigated".

Especially given his comments on Fox News tonight, until this is resolved, it seems impossible to trust Rove as an objective analyst. In terms of the conservative movement, we should not simply ignore him, but proactively work to undermine Rove in whatever ways we can, given his obvious willingness to undermine us.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans are furious at Jim DeMint:

“It speaks volumes that in Jim DeMint’s world, the ‘principles of freedom’ are more important than a candidate who pays their taxes, is honest with voters and who isn’t a complete fraud,” said a senior GOP aide. “Senator DeMint may be patting himself on the back tonight but many Republicans look forward to post-November 2nd when he has to explain why he helped the Democrats retain the majority for yet another two years.”

This is but a taste, people, for what's to come if Republicans don't take the Senate and/or House this fall. This is a hint of the glorious civil war that will break out amongst the GOP if we can hold the line.

They expect outright control. If we deny them that, they will fracture like we've never seen them fracture before.

If for nothing else, this preview of (possible) coming attractions should motivate you for some serious GOTV this fall.

Teabagger Values: Racism, Pornography, Beastiality...

Via Daily Gotham

Remember when Republicans wanted to impeach President Clinton because he had consensual sex with a woman other than his wife? They portrayed themselves as champions of morality. Well, that facade is long shot away by people like Newt Gingrich (abandoning his wife for a younger woman while his wife was ill with cancer), Congressman Don Sherwood (abusing and attempting to choke the woman he was having an extra-marital affair with), Congressman Mark Foley (soliciting sex with a 16-year old man), well...need I continue?

For the strong of stomach, here is a list of Republican sex scandals, almost all of which make Bill Clinton's consensual affair look very tame by comparison.

Well, here in NY State we have a really, REALLY nasty scandal that is breaking. I first heard about it this morning, but it seems to be taking off.New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, a darling of the Teabaggers, apparently is in the habit of emailing racist emails and videos as well as videos of bestiality and pornography. According to Daily Kos (as well as an email I saw this morning), Paladino has sent emails that include:

# A popular video among white supremacists called "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal," that includes dancing African tribesmen.

# A video titled "Miss France 2008 fucking," that Paladino called "a keeper."

# An image of Barack and Michelle Obama dressed like a pimp and a prostitute, with the subject line, "White House ball."

# An image with the caption, "HOLY SHIT, run niggers, run."

# A bestiality video featuring a man and a horse.

And apparently that is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean THIS GUY WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK!!! And the Teabaggers and Republicans love him. He even has Michael Caputo (another Republican sleaze that Daily Gotham has taken on) running his campaign.

White supremacy, racism, pornography, and bestiality. Are THESE the values of the Teabaggers, Michael Caputo, and the Republican Party? The evidence suggests it is. Paladino is just one in a VERY long line of Republican sleazebags who love to talk about morality but in practice are nastier and than "immoral" Democrats like I could ever imagine.

Will the Republicans support Paladino the way they did Mark Foley and Newt Gingrich when their sleazy hypocrisy came out? Or will they take a lesson from Democrats and reject him the way we did with Hiram Monserrate and William "frozen money" Jefferson?

Update: Via TPM:

Paladino's campaign manager, Michael Caputo, would not comment on specific emails, but acknowledged to TPMmuckraker that Paladino had sent emails that were "off-color" and "politically incorrect," saying that few such emails represented the candidate's own opinion. Caputo accused Democrats of wanting to change the subject from substantive issues to "having sex with horses."

Uh ... sure.

Why Do They All Keep Saying We're Racist?

Via Vyan

At a July 4th Tea Party Rally in Lexington Kentucky... T-Shirts declaring "Yup,' I'm a Racist!" were sold.

The shirt says on the front: Yup, I'm a Racist

On the back: if the Government Says so Because...

  1. I support the Constitution
  1. I support Free Speech
  1. I support the Right to Bear Arms
  1. I support the Bill of Rights
  1. I support Capitalism
  1. I support NO Government Bailouts
  1. I support closing the border
  1. I support the Military
  1. I support the Tea Party
  1. I support Jesus Christ as My Savior.

This admirable list of policy opposition is not why anyone in the Tea Party was ever associated with or accused of bigotry or racism.

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- More than half say the policies of the administration favor the poor
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