So... About Those Unemployment Figures

Via MiseryIndex

Here's some more perspective since so many like to tie Obama to unemployment numbers, the right's most popular lagging economic indicator:

Reagan and Obama inherited roughly the same 7.6% unemployment figures and climbing, (although what we got from Bush was hemorrhaging at a much faster rate 0.5 million jobs per month on Day 1 and the three months following).

Obama policies stemmed losses which peaked at 10.1% within 10 months and had them back down to 9.6% within 21 months (where we are now).

Reagan policies ballooned his up to peak at 10.8% after 24 months (his mid-terms), and he didn't have them back to the same 9.6% (where Obama does now) until a full 30 months into his 1st term.
We'll see how Obama does with unprecedented obstruction and renewed commitments for "zero compromise" from our friends across the aisle to help get America's jobs back.

However, Reagan didn't have his unemployment numbers back down to 7.6% (what he inherited) until 40 months into his 1st term.
And yet they want to blame Obama for the way things are at this point... after a record like that from the Consrev-a-Jesus himself?

Let's give Democrats as much time as Reagan had.
Vote the Democratic ticket on November 2nd!!